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Need baseball cap help

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by micropolitan guy, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. micropolitan guy

    micropolitan guy Well-Known Member

    I got a fitted cap for Christmas. At 7 1/4 it's just a mite snug and I'd like to get it just a bit loser (it's too long of a story, but this would be far easier than sinply returning it and going to a 7 3/8) so it would be more comfortable.

    Any help on how to loosen the band? I've heard get the band soaked and then wear it until it dries and shrinks to fit, but I figured before I'd try that I'd call upon the best sources in the world for help.

    Got any ideas?
  2. pallister

    pallister Guest

    Iron the bill flat and wear it crooked. That'll look cool.
  3. Bubba Fett

    Bubba Fett Active Member

    Soaking it and wearing might help a little, but a cap that's too small will usually stay that way. You might try shaving your head.
  4. Chef

    Chef Active Member

    Take a steaming hot shower with it
  5. Trey Beamon

    Trey Beamon Active Member

    Ask for an adjustable cap next year.
  6. Norman Stansfield

    Norman Stansfield Active Member

    There actually are hat stretchers available. How much they cost, I don't know. But most, if not all, of the MLB teams use them.
  7. Jones

    Jones Active Member

    I've always found that fitted caps, unlike vaginas, get smaller when they get wet.
  8. Norman Stansfield

    Norman Stansfield Active Member

    Good call, Jonesy.
  9. buckweaver

    buckweaver Active Member

    Not to belabor the point, but vaginas fit much better than caps when they're wet.
  10. pallister

    pallister Guest

    MLB teams use cap stretchers? If that's not evidence of steroid use, I don't know what is.
  11. novelist_wannabe

    novelist_wannabe Well-Known Member

    It's been a while since I've had an mlb fitted cap, but if it's made of wool, you're sol. Once you sweat in it, it will shrink without fail. Exchange it before you change the color of the band.
  12. Trey Beamon

    Trey Beamon Active Member

    Barry Bonds' personal cap stretchers...

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