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NCAA Football 08

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Mystery_Meat, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. TyWebb

    TyWebb Well-Known Member

    I heard OJ was on a team called the Assassins.
  2. StormSurge

    StormSurge Active Member

    Well, he would've been on the Raccoons if I picked him. ;)

    He's in the game, which surprised the heck out of me, and there is a team called the Assassins, so it's possible.
  3. TyWebb

    TyWebb Well-Known Member

    I guess maybe it was a commercial or something I saw with him on the Assassins. Pretty strange.
  4. Kevin Morales

    Kevin Morales Member

    I've bought this game (playstation 2) every year since 2001.

    Don't get me wrong, I love it, but is it really worth $50 bucks?

    They all seem to pretty much be the same game now, allow for a few more bells and whistles with each passing year. Is there really anything so much better about this year's game?? Playstation 2 folks, what are your takes?
  5. StormSurge

    StormSurge Active Member

    He was on the Cyclones in the season I just started. I've seen the video you're referring to, so someone was just trying to be funny.
  6. IGotQuestions

    IGotQuestions Member

    the 360 and PS3 versions DO have more options for recruiting, but overall, original xbox NCAA Fball 08 is better - game play speed and animations are more realistic - those play results can be more arcade-like ... I've played 360 and reg. xbox, and I still prefer original xbox for NCAA Football. Many others out there do, too.

    PS - if you already have fball 07, DO NOT buy 08 unless you play on 360/PS3. 08 features are essentially the same as 07. nothing new except for a couple of extra off-season workouts and a button for the qb to avoid sacks from time to time. wish i hadn't wasted my money on 08. reviews warn you of this, but I ignored them.
  7. cubs

    cubs Member

    anyone playing online?
  8. TyWebb

    TyWebb Well-Known Member

    I'm online. Anyone want a piece of Matthew Stafford and the Georgia Bulldogs, ask for THRI11H0E
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