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Natchez (Miss.) Democrat sports reporter opening

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by jedwards23, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. jedwards23

    jedwards23 New Member

    Sports reporter/Outdoors editor
    The Natchez Democrat, a 10,000-circulation daily surrounded by nine high schools and one university, is currently recruiting its next sports reporter. Ideal recruits will have sports experience at a college newspaper, a weekly or daily, Quark or InDesign experience and an eye for the story behind the game. Although much of our coverage is of preps and Alcorn State University, we branch out to LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Miss and the New Orleans Saints when pertinent. Job duties include writing, page design and heading up our weekly outdoors page. Requirements include a desire to learn and grow while making a difference with your work while you hone your knowledge and skills. Our location on the Mississippi River makes us a mecca for hunting, fishing and even a little kayaking. For more information contact Managing Editor Julie Finley at julie.finley@natchezdemocrat.com or 601-445-3551.
  2. mustangj17

    mustangj17 Active Member

    Same job was posted at the end of March.


  3. jedwards23

    jedwards23 New Member

    You are very astute. Yes it was. The person who took the job at that time stayed two months and then left to take another job so here we are again. He's leaving on good terms, just wanted a chance to work for a paper closer to home and jumped at an opportunity.
  4. mustangj17

    mustangj17 Active Member

    Well, I couldn't forget a name like Natchez.
  5. three_bags_full

    three_bags_full Well-Known Member

    I've said it a hundred times. Cooper and Carpenter are two guys you want to work for. My time there was brief (only about six months), and I learned a ton. I moved on to bigger, not necessarily better, things. The work will be hard and the pay won't be that great, but it's a good place to cut your teeth. You might get a chance to cover some Saints and LSU stuff, but not much.

    And Natchez is a great town. Pound-for-pound the best food of any city I've been to. And you can't beat driving across the Mississippi River every day.
  6. mattyb

    mattyb Guest

    WOW...there only 2 months. In a year and a half, I think they have gone through 5 people in the sports department..That says alot about the place don't you think...
  7. 2underpar

    2underpar Active Member

    matty, you don't have a clue what you are talking about.
  8. Tom Petty

    Tom Petty Guest

    well, his mother says he has a lot of untapped potential.
  9. mustangj17

    mustangj17 Active Member

    Read up a few lines. Last guy left on good terms.
  10. three_bags_full

    three_bags_full Well-Known Member

    It's a great place to learn and build some clips, but you want to move on pretty quickly. Six months to a year, I'd say, gets you pretty good experience. The work will be hard, so that six months is like, in dog years, 42.
  11. jedwards23

    jedwards23 New Member

    Matty B, I'm sorry you are upset that your time here didn't work out.
    But just because it didn't work for you doesn't mean it isn't right for others. In the last year our newspaper won the Mississippi Press Association's General Excellence award in our classification, as well as best sports section, despite the turnover we had. I feel that says a lot about our team. We also won 15 first place awards as a staff, and 35 total awards. Now, we are looking for the person who can continue that success and help take us to the next level.
  12. three_bags_full

    three_bags_full Well-Known Member

    As did when I was there.
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