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NASA puts its foot down on COLBERT

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by DanOregon, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. DanOregon

    DanOregon Well-Known Member

    (TV GUIDE) Democracy is dead: NASA has opted not to name a room in the international space station after Stephen Colbert.
    Even though Colbert won an online poll by a landslide, NASA instead chose "Tranquility," which came in eighth place in the poll, as the room's new moniker. Space nerds will know that the name is a reference to the Sea of Tranquility, where Apollo 11 landed on the moon.
    But it's not all bad news: On Tuesday's The Colbert Report, NASA astronaut Sunita Williams announced that Colbert will get his small piece of immortality after all, as the organization voted to name a treadmill on board the space station after him.
    The treadmill in question will heretofore be known as the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill (COLBERT). Williams explained that treadmills are vitally important to astronauts, as they use them to prevent bone-strength loss while in space.
  2. jps

    jps Active Member

    they're gonna be walking all over him for years to come.
  3. I Digress

    I Digress Guest

    I think that's cool.. It would have been a bit much to name the room for him, but they sort of got into the spirit of it with the treadmill thing..
  4. JakeandElwood

    JakeandElwood Well-Known Member

    That's hilarious. Good for NASA having a sense of humor.
  5. forever_town

    forever_town Well-Known Member

    Colbert never should have had the room named after him.

    At least those who wrote in his name got something out of the deal.
  6. Diabeetus

    Diabeetus Active Member

    Why not? He won the poll.
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