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Names of your pets

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Platyrhynchos, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Platyrhynchos

    Platyrhynchos Active Member

    From childhood to divorcehood, I have had pets with the following names:

    Cats — Fluff, Mona, Cato (aptly named for her surprise attacks), Spot, Spats, Friday, Squeak and Bob.

    Dogs — Rex, Bud, Harley and Jack.

    Goats — Phoebe.

    What were your pets' names?
  2. ostentatious

    ostentatious Member

    cats - guinness (all black cat with a white tip on his tail) and parker (all black).
  3. forever_town

    forever_town Well-Known Member

    The ones I remember (the ones I got along with best in bold, the ones I didn't get along with in italics):

    Cats: Simon, Buddha, Ling Ling, Samantha, Pumpkin, E.T., Samson
    Dogs: Taffy1, GiGi, Taffy2, CiCi, Lucky
    Birds: Prissy1, Prissy2, Prissy3, Rico, Egbert.
  4. Mayfly

    Mayfly Active Member

    Cats: Bowler, Coaster, Serena
  5. FuerteJ

    FuerteJ Active Member

    Dogs: Sadie, Mollie, *Clara

    *Clara is the first pet I've owned and taken care of all on my own. Sadie and Mollie were my folk's pets.
  6. Killick

    Killick Well-Known Member

    Growing up, we had Kaycee, Gretchen, Abbie, and parents now have Etta and Elle -- all Miniature Schnauzers.

    I've had two cats. Albert and Sandy, brothers, named for Indians players (what? I was gonna call my cats Carlos or Omar?), that I got at the same time. Sandy is still with me. Albert did a nose dive off my apartment's fire escape when he was young, died.
  7. JoelHammond

    JoelHammond Member

    Childhood: Dogs -- Sassy, Daisy; cat -- Tia.

    My 3-year-old beagle/hound's name is Smiley. :)
  8. GB-Hack

    GB-Hack Active Member

    Three cats: Sylvester, Sammy and Molly.

    A mouse: Stewie.
  9. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    Dogs -- Max 1 (killed by hunter), Max 2, Bandit, Beemer, Gus and Snickers. Snickers, a cocker spaniel, is the only one left alive.
  10. Oggiedoggie

    Oggiedoggie Well-Known Member

    Quit phishing.

    I'm not going to give you all my computer passwords.
  11. shotglass

    shotglass Guest

    All cats (stunner there).

    Irma, Whitecat, Smoky, Hobbes, Dash.
  12. JoelHammond

    JoelHammond Member

    Shotty, did Hobbes look like Hobbes?
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