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Movie Photo Quiz

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Diabeetus, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Diabeetus

    Diabeetus Active Member

    Someone pieced together these 100 clips from movies for a pretty challenging quiz.


    It is article sensitive, which is frustrating as hell. I've got all of them except 38, so any help would be appreciated. There's no answer key for it :( I'll give help/clues where I can.
  2. Iron_chet

    Iron_chet Well-Known Member

    I think 38 may be Romper Stomper - Australian movie with a young Russel Crowe. It is a bit hard to make out the faces in the pic.
  3. Diabeetus

    Diabeetus Active Member

    Good guess, Iron Chet. Rough movie. But no variation of it works :(
  4. kokane_muthashed

    kokane_muthashed Active Member

    Wow. I don't know it either. No. 34 needs to be someone's avatar.
  5. DanOregon

    DanOregon Well-Known Member

    Missed 95, 91, 86, 69, 67, 38, 31, 27, 18, 16, 13, and 3.
  6. KevinmH9

    KevinmH9 Active Member

    I laughed out loud to that one, Kokane.
  7. mediaguy

    mediaguy Well-Known Member

    I'm at 78. Feel like such a slacker.
  8. mustangj17

    mustangj17 Active Member

    There is a similar one where none of the people have heads. It is very hard.
  9. imjustagirl

    imjustagirl Active Member

    I only got 70.

    Even more impressive: Of the ones I knew, I'd never seen 31 of them. :D
  10. Bob Slydell

    Bob Slydell Active Member

    I got 91 out of 100. The one with the girl all wet, I have no idea what that was, and my guesses were wrong. And I had no idea what 38 was either.
  11. ArnoldBabar

    ArnoldBabar Active Member

    73 first time through off the top of my head. I'm sure I'll kick myself for many of them when I look up the answers, but I feel good about my score.

    Good test. Difficult but not too difficult.
  12. Diabeetus

    Diabeetus Active Member

    Wet girl was Atonement.
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