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Montana coach freezes out student paper

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by big green wahoo, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Lame. FOI that coach's ass on everything you can. As a state employee you're entitled to see a lot. Ratchet up the pressure. This aggression will not stand, man.
  2. Exactly. Spend the time you would have spent on his sport on all the skeletons in the closet.
  3. JoelHammond

    JoelHammond Member

    Crazy story. Like Jones said, that shit wouldn't go down somewhere bigger. Hopefully it blows up enough where it doesn't go down there anymore, either.
  4. sportsguydave

    sportsguydave Active Member

    UW Whitewater's coach tried this earlier and was promptly slapped down by the university.

    I'd bet the same thing happens here.

    I'm guessing it's not like the University of Montana has to fight sportswriters off with a stick.
  5. Baron Scicluna

    Baron Scicluna Well-Known Member

    And the Montana fans act just as bad. They're more pissed off at the students for writing a story on the opposing team than they are at their own coach and players for not talking to them.

    Writing about assaults is a legitimate story. You would think the coach would be media-savvy enough to know that and just keep mum about it. Instead, he's chosen to throw several temper-tantrums.
  6. SixToe

    SixToe Active Member

    I may be wrong, but I think this is not the first time this coach has had a run-in with the student newspaper.
  7. Colin Dunlap

    Colin Dunlap Member

    A semi-related question:
    What is the definition/origin of the word "Kaimin"
  8. clutchcargo

    clutchcargo Active Member

    The school's AD and executive VP sound like a couple of bigtime wusses for not straightening out this idiot coach. School president should call all three of these jerks onto the carpet, read them the riot act, and tell them they have 24 hours for the coach AND the players to get with the program. Literally. This silent treatment stuff is asinine.
  9. KVV

    KVV Member

    It's a Salish Indian word for messages/paper. The Salish Indians (now called the Flathead Nation) are/were the most prominent Indian tribe in Western Montana.
  10. hondo

    hondo Well-Known Member

    Memo to Bobby Hauck: If you keep acting like a fucking tool, Montana will be the high point of your coaching career.
  11. Jeremy Goodwin

    Jeremy Goodwin Active Member

    KVV, I believe you are correct about the definition, but you are off on the Flathead part.

    The Salish and two other tribes live on the Flathead Reservation, which is close to Missoula.

    From Tribes' Web site:
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