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MLB Media Directory

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Avry LM, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. Avry LM

    Avry LM New Member

    I just wanted to fire a question to the masses on the board, would anyone know where to find either the 2020 or 2021 MLB Media directory? I haven't had much luck finding it online, (been able to track down the NHL's and NFL's as a member of their media sites), and getting approved for the MLB's has been a challenge.

    Much appreciated if anyone is able to help :)
  2. Mr. X

    Mr. X Member

    I asked the assistant PR director for the MLB team I do some coverage of about that last summer. He told me it is no longer online. Have you discussed getting access to one from someone in PR from an MLB team?
  3. Avry LM

    Avry LM New Member

    I haven't but thank you for letting me know! I'll try and reach out to a team PR person.
  4. BYH 2: Electric Boogaloo

    BYH 2: Electric Boogaloo Well-Known Member

    MLB not having this online is the most MLB thing.
  5. matt_garth

    matt_garth Well-Known Member

    The spring training media directory is on the MLB press box site.
  6. matt_garth

    matt_garth Well-Known Member

    The 2021 MLB media directory was posted on the MLB press box site on April 1.
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