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Media Services Mgr. - San Antonio Spurs

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by blahblah, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. blahblah

    blahblah New Member

    I don't think I can fudge 5 years of experience, so have at it if you're interested:

    Assist in the planning, coordination and execution of sports public relations efforts for the franchise. Develop and maintain outstanding relationships with all internal and external entities related to media, the community, and basketball operations. Be proactive in developing and maintaining the overall image of the franchise.


    1) Assist in sports public relations efforts. Including, but not limited to, facilitating interview requests, pitching story ideas, maintaining daily contact with media, writing press releases, planning press conferences and handling media at special events (i.e. community appearances).
    2) Develop relationships, and outstanding lines of communication, with players, coaches and staff members as well as with local and national media.
    3) Manage media needs, media access, media sessions and individual interview requests at practices and games (home and road).
    4) Provide fresh ideas on how to expand media services efforts (with both traditional and new media). To work closely with the organization’s corporate communications department on team and organizational PR efforts.
    5) Assume leadership role in media services department when director of media services is out of the office (when traveling with the team, on vacation, etc.). Serve as a mentor to the department’s coordinator and intern.
    6) Develop strong lines of internal communication within the organization.
    7) Contribute to the writing, editing, research and coordination of press releases as well as the team’s media guide, yearbook, game program and Score magazine. Serve as primary editor for media guide and yearbook.
    8) Responsible for managing and maintaining the photo library.
    9) Responsible for managing and maintaining the clips library.
    10) Assist director of media services as needed.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent direct job experience
    • Minimum 5 years public relations experience in the sports industry preferred
    • Ability to develop relationships
    • Ability to meet deadlines in short, high-pressure situations
    • Outstanding communication skills (both verbal and written)
    • Strategic decision making abilities
    • Strong computer skills
    • Willingness to work nights, weekends and extended periods without days off
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