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Media Development Manager - Tacoma Rainiers

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by The Cubby Bear, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. -Talk about a great starting gig for someone hoping to break into sports information. If I was looking to break in, I'd apply for this gig in a heart beat. PM me if you have any questions about the responsibilities. While I've never worked for the Rainiers, I do have experience in the PCL as well as a lot of information on exactly what these responsibilities entail. -


    Communications: Media/Public Relations Servicing

    Media Development Manager - Tacoma Rainiers Professional Baseball Team (Tacoma, WA)

    Schlegel Sports ~ Tacoma Rainiers

    Media Development Manager
    (Seasonal position)

    Reports to Director of Media Development and Events

    Works Closely With:
    1. Local Media
    2. Seattle Mariners Baseball Information
    3. Broadcasting
    4. Operations
    5. Marketing
    6. Graphic Design
    7. Publications

    Mission of your job:

    1. Write Game Day Information for all 144 games (home and away)

    2. Prepare Stat packs for all 144 games (home and away)

    3. Write Media guide
    a. Update and improve upon this publication

    4. Player interviews
    a. Schedule and execute player interviews for local media, internal publications, etc.

    5. Write Post-Game Summary for all applicable media for all 72 games (home)

    6. Maintain Press Box – personnel, supplies, cleaning, etc.

    7. Mariners Contact
    a. Serve as primary contact to the Seattle Mariners Baseball Information department
    b. Provide Baseball Information department with adequate support as they request

    8. Hiring of official scorers and data casters for all 72 home games.

    9. Oversee and direct a seasonal unpaid media intern to assist the Media Development Department.

    10. Author and distribute baseball-related press releases, etc.

    11. Build and maintain media relationships
    a. Prepare and deliver credentials
    b. Help to plan and oversee Media Day event

    12. Rainiers Alumni Report
    a. Author and distribute weekly Rainiers Alumni Report to promote media interest in the team.

    1. Consistently demonstrate the ability to manage the daily operations of the Tacoma Rainiers press box.

    2. Experience in media relations with a professional baseball team is strongly preferred.

    3. Consistently work to meet and exceed expectations.

    4. Mentor and encourage intern staff by providing positive and productive leadership.

    5. Maintain a positive attitude with staff, media and fans.

    6. Provide timely and appropriate business communication to Director of Media Development regarding ads, stories, content, stats, and other publications related information or activities.

    7. Communicate reports and meet weekly with Director of Media Development.

    8. Possess the ability to accept constructive criticism and input from Director of Media Development and team management.

    The above is a listing of general duties and responsibilities. These responsibilities will grow. Projects and work from department head will also be an integral part of this position.

    Hours of Work:
    This position will have game day responsibilities. Nights and weekend work between the months of April and September will be required. Typical hours of non-game day work will be 9 AM-5:30 PM.

    Pay Scale:
    1. $15,000/term

    Term Commitment:
    1. Start date of term: February 15, 2010
    2. End date of term: September 24, 2010
    3. Contract position (1099 employee)

    Apply for this position

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  2. Stitch

    Stitch Active Member

    Better be single and pray that single-payer health care becomes a reality.
  3. This job is the equivalent of 30K per year. In six months, you'll make 12K after taxes (assuming 20% is taken away). You find a furnished apartment for $1,000 and you have an additional $6k for food, gas, entertainment, etc. Will you be living large? Hell no. But think about this - most people get their start in this industry doing unpaid internships. If you're serious about wanting to work in PR for a pro team, then this is an IDEAL situation.
  4. fishhack2009

    fishhack2009 Active Member

    Sounds like a great gig for someone just starting out and wanting to go the sports information route.

    The rest of us 40-something sportswriters slaving away in Podunk with responsibilities and student loan payments, however, are screwed. :)
  5. Giggity

    Giggity Member

    What's the upside of working in sports information? Is it fairly lucrative if you make the bigs?
  6. WerenCole

    WerenCole New Member

    I interviewed with the Rainiers during the Baseball Winter Meetings. I liked the people and they seem like a good organization. The problem with minor league baseball is that it is very difficult to get paid what a job is actually worth because there are so many people who want to get into baseball that the minor league teams can keep salaries down. This looks like a decent gig for someone young, without a lot of student loans who has worked in minor league baseball before and hopes to move up the ranks from the Hudson Valley Renegades of the world.
  7. sportsnut

    sportsnut Member

    The link does not work no more do I guess they have found someone already.
  8. flexmaster33

    flexmaster33 Active Member

    15K is actually for a 7 1/2-month term, so the money really is peanuts, especially when you consider the cost of living on the West Coast...Cali is ridiculous, but the Northwest is expensive, as well.
  9. Giggity

    Giggity Member

    They hired someone.
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