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Marginal NBA-NFL talents rejoice: Kim Kardashian back on market

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Small Town Guy, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Small Town Guy

    Small Town Guy Well-Known Member

    She filed for divorce from Minnesota's favorite son, Kris Humphries. $10 million wedding. 72-day marriage.

    I hope Rick Rickert is next on her list.

  2. Inky_Wretch

    Inky_Wretch Well-Known Member

    On the same day LaRussa retires. Coincidence? I think not!
  3. TwoGloves

    TwoGloves Well-Known Member

  4. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    What a complete joke...

    I wonder if she had to wait for the nuptials to be televised to announce the separation/divorce.
  5. heyabbott

    heyabbott Well-Known Member

    Why buy the sheep when you get the gyros for free?
  6. Gator

    Gator Well-Known Member

    A day after Reggie Bush has his first 100-yard rushing game since 2006. Hmmmm ......
  7. qtlaw

    qtlaw Well-Known Member

    She's just pissed that Danilo said "Nah."

    I'm just happy that every time I hear "Kardashian" my first thought is Robert Kardashian, OJ's loyal attorney who organized the "dream team." What a shame that the vast majority think of his reality world daughters instead of him. (This does not mean I am an OJ apologist, far from it.)
  8. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member

    I thought those two crazy kids were gonna make it.
  9. YankeeFan

    YankeeFan Well-Known Member

    For reasons I can't explain, I've watched several episodes of this "show".

    He was much more likable than her. He actually seemed like an normal guy who was happy to live a pretty simple life.

    The saddest thing about this show is how Bruce Jenner has been reduced to a minor, p***y whipped, supporting character. This guy was the best athlete in the world.
  10. Inky_Wretch

    Inky_Wretch Well-Known Member

    Yet gays marrying would ruin the sanctity of marriage?
  11. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    Her mom was on Fox and Friends this morning... I'm guessing that was before the news broke.

    I know a guy who covered Humphries who said he's the last person he ever would have expected to get involved with someone like Kardashian.
  12. Machine Head

    Machine Head Well-Known Member



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