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Looking for work ideally in N/NE TX or Okla.

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help available' started by SportsStringer, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. SportsStringer

    SportsStringer New Member

    Longtime high school sports stringer/correspondent is looking for work, hopefully in North/NE Texas or in southern Oklahoma.
    Mainly looking for freelance opportunities -- high school or college mainly -- but will definitely listen to other offers.

    I have spent the last 15-plus years covering high school -- and very minimal college -- sports in North Texas. I have experience writing high school game stories for various sports, football preseason tab stories and in-season game previews for multiple sports as well as having handled recap duties ('desk duty') as a newspaper's contact for particular teams as a freelancer. I also have experience breaking stories involving coaching changes. Additionally, I have recent experience as a feeder of information via text for a live blog/cover-it live while covering playoff sports for The Dallas Morning News and enjoyed this new method of our industry.

    I also have experience as a photographer, but am limited since I still shoot 35mm for game action. However, I would move to digital if given the means and opportunity. (I do have a Cannon Powershot for mug shots and group photos).

    Please contact me at greatviagod@yahoo.com
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