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Little League regional tournament in Indy?

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help wanted' started by IHateSpringSports2013, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. I'm looking for stringers would could be available for the Little League regional tournament in Indianapolis Aug 2-8. Please PM you're quote for the following work so I have them should my team advance and can decide whether I send someone from our paper directly or hire a stringer based in the area.

    There is a guaranteed four games I believe for pool play. But please send quotes for up to seven.

    We will be in need of:

    — Game recaps, 500-1,000 words within 1.5 hours of the game, with game box. Quotes from coaches and/or players expected.
    — Photos, 1-3 action photos unless communicated differently prior to the game. (We may increase amount for later games if our team makes it that far. Photos need to be sent with captions via FTP (we will provide server) within 30-45 minutes.

    If you're a photographer AND a writer, please send quote for both. If you're just a writer, please send a quote for the game recaps. If you only do photos, send quotes for just photos. We would look at hiring an "all-in-one" person or two separate people.

    I will need interested quotes by July 29th, we will know whether the team is advancing and whether we're sending someone from our paper or using a stringer that sent in a quote.

    Thanks in advance. In order to keep myself unidentifiable, I'm going to withhold the name of my newspaper, but we're a small daily newspaper with a heavy online presence.

    If you need more info/have questions, PM me here please.
  2. No further quotes needed. Thanks.
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