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Linking old clips

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by JackInTheBox, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. JackInTheBox

    JackInTheBox Member

    Sorry if this has already been discussed. What are some good methods for copying old hard-copy clips, storing them somewhere on the Web and creating links to those stories for potential employers? Had this chat with a few friends and there seems to be no consensus. Create a blog? Create a personal web page? Anyone have some brilliant ideas to share?
  2. Karl Hungus

    Karl Hungus Member

    If you're thinking about creating an online portfolio, creating a personal portfolio web page is a good option.

    I have a personal page through WordPress. It's free to sign up. But you pay a premium for things like domain names, no third-party advertising, storage space and storage space for certain types of media (in my case audio and video samples, on top of print clips). WordPress allows me to store small files, like PDFs of my clips, at no charge. So, in theory, you could just send PDF links of clips, for example, that are stored on WordPress. But you'll also have them for your portfolio page.
  3. newinthefield

    newinthefield Member

    This online portfolio belongs to a college senior I know. Don't take his young age to mean he doesn't know his stuff.

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