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Like Rachael Ray?

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Monday Morning Sportswriter, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Monday Morning Sportswriter

    Monday Morning Sportswriter Well-Known Member

    Then maybe you'll like Cat Cora, too.

    Probably SFW, but be careful.

  2. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member


    Please tell me she doesn't have the same cat-in-a-meat-grinder voice as RR...
  3. Hustle

    Hustle Guest

    Good God, how much Photoshopping/makeup did they do/use? Looks nothing like her!

    She gets a real tight shot on the opening to Iron Chef and you can see some minor wrinkles on her face. (She's quite attractive nonetheless.) But this tries to make her look like she's 22.

    I vote she's pretty enough as she is on the show.
  4. audreyld

    audreyld Guest

    Those pictures bear virtually no resemblence to the chef they show on ICA.

    That's disturbing.
  5. Rough Mix

    Rough Mix Guest

    The wonders of modern technology.

    What is the stuff she and her staff do a shot of after plating on ICA? Ouzo?
  6. three_bags_full

    three_bags_full Well-Known Member

    Jackson, Mississippi:

    Cat Cora
    Faith Hill

  7. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    Airbrushing. Ain't it grand?
  8. Norman Stansfield

    Norman Stansfield Active Member

    Yeah, it's Ouzo.

    And yeah, she's cute enough on the TV show. Although I like the attempt at showing cleavage in these pics. It's tough to get a sense of what she looks like under those chef whites.
  9. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    Rachel's ok. But the Food Network definitely isn't my thing.
  10. John

    John Well-Known Member

    I thought Cora was from Greenwood? And I can't believe she agreed to do that shoot.
  11. KYSportsWriter

    KYSportsWriter Well-Known Member

    Unintentional threadjack, but I thought FHM was phasing itself out?
  12. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    In the USA, it's gone, I believe.
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