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Lead columnist, Tulsa World

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Inky_Wretch, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Inky_Wretch

    Inky_Wretch Well-Known Member

    he Tulsa World is looking for an experienced sports journalist who still has a passion for covering the game on and off the field. Travel and working weekends are musts in this job. You will need the ability to cover the Oklahoma sports scene in a factual, creative and entertaining manner in the newspaper, online and on various social media. The ideal columnist will write multiple weekly columns, blog and keep readers updated with sports news and insight. This position will also serve as a public face for the Tulsa World and the Tulsa World sports department at public speaking engagements and on television and radio as needed. Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university, preferable in journalism or sports, with at least five (5) years experience daily in a newspaper as sports staff, and must have good computer skills and experience in business social media.

    Qualified individuals will: (1) Write 3-4 columns weekly about sports in Oklahoma (2) Blog a minimum of three times per week for tulsaworld.com (3) Post story links, blog links, commentary and interact with readers regularly on Twitter (4) Must be able to use a variety of writing styles, from short opinion pieces to long-form storytelling (5) Must be comfortable writing about a wide variety of topics, from national championship college football games, to minor league sports, to high school events (6) Must be able to develop sources and be willing to contribute reporting to breaking news coverage in a variety of beats (7) Represent Tulsa World in public speaking engagements throughout northeast Oklahoma, as well as on radio and television.

    Interested individuals may send resume in (JPG, PDF or Word format) to: Will Williams hr@tulsaworld.com or by fax to (918)584-8966 or by mail Attn: HUMAN RESOURCES, 315 S. Boulder Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74103. No Phone Calls Please. EOE

  2. Matt Stephens

    Matt Stephens Well-Known Member

    Sad to see (sorry, accidentally clicked "submit.") Sad to see Sittler is retiring. Often didn't agree with him, but he's a good columnist.
  3. mltru2tx

    mltru2tx Member

    Question: This would probably be a job where you would at least have to have experience covering a major college, right? Just trying to be realistic and deciding if it'd be a waste of time to apply for this if all you've ever done is cover high schools.
  4. CarlSpackler

    CarlSpackler Active Member

  5. mythirdalt

    mythirdalt Member

    In this market with so many good journalists looking for a job or a promotion, I'm sure they'd consider a preps writer with no college or pro experience as their columnist and face of their sports section. You should definitely apply.
  6. dirtybird

    dirtybird Well-Known Member

    Mmmmm, awesome sounding job way above my experience level. Big boys head to the plate.
  7. FreddiePatek

    FreddiePatek Active Member

    What is Tulsa's circ these days?
  8. BrianGriffin

    BrianGriffin Active Member

    Michael Peters is good people. Has the BrianGriffin seal.
  9. Matt Stephens

    Matt Stephens Well-Known Member

    ~98K M-F
    107 Saturday
    140 Sunday

    (according to ABC)
  10. jr/shotglass

    jr/shotglass Well-Known Member

    Don't be an asshole. Some people aren't as masterful in the employment chase as you.
  11. joe_schmoe

    joe_schmoe Active Member

    I've never really believed that a a potential columnist needs to have the pro/college beat experience to be effective. You won't be covering a specific beat as a columnist, so that doesn't matter.
    More importantly is that you show you have the experience and knowledge of sports, that you can handle a multitude of sports activities. And, that you have the writing style to captivate readers. I'm more interested in your writing style than your ability to cover the NBA.
    Yes, developing contacts, getting leads and having an in-depth understanding of sports that goes beyond the simple rules and Xs and Os is good, but can you keep me as interested when you write about Kevin Durant as when you write about a kid named Kevin who lives in Durant? And when there's a lull in live sporting events, can you find enough Kevins in Durant to keep writing interesting materials?
    Some of your best beat writers never grasp that. A good columnist does.
    And you don't have to write fluff or get me to be your biggest fan. Don't be afraid to go against the grain, but don't force it.
  12. Precious Roy

    Precious Roy Active Member

    I hope this gets filled in house. Because that opens up dominoes to fall and I have a lot of friends who need to get writing jobs.
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