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Last Chance U

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by hondo, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. Steak Snabler

    Steak Snabler Well-Known Member

    Three episodes in. The highlight so far.
  2. ChrisLong

    ChrisLong Well-Known Member

    Sims is almost as big an asshole as Brown. Almost.
  3. cjericho

    cjericho Well-Known Member

    She does have big titties.
  4. BitterYoungMatador2

    BitterYoungMatador2 Well-Known Member

    Shes got big everything.
  5. exmediahack

    exmediahack Well-Known Member

    Blew threw the final season of Indy in about three hours. Watched the first episode and found that I didn't care about any of the backstories. Just zoomed to the games. In one episode, there wasn't even a game -- just that Bobby kid they kicked out.

    The only interesting part was when Sims lost his feces in the Garden City game. That was hilarious.

    However, the latest All or Nothing dropped on Amazon this week as well. 2018 Carolina Panthers. Superb as always.
    Chef2 likes this.
  6. britwrit

    britwrit Well-Known Member

    [QUOTE="exmediahack, post: 4562896, member: 8507"

    However, the latest All or Nothing dropped on Amazon this week as well. 2018 Carolina Panthers. Superb as always.[/QUOTE]

    They sometimes went an episode or more without a profanity laced tirade. I found this somehow discomforting.
  7. cyclingwriter2

    cyclingwriter2 Well-Known Member

    They found Rick Stain?
  8. justgladtobehere

    justgladtobehere Well-Known Member

    Why does 50 Cent show up in this season?
  9. 3_Octave_Fart

    3_Octave_Fart Well-Known Member

    I admired the guy's candor.

    So what happens to Indy henceforth?
  10. nafselon

    nafselon Well-Known Member

    In terms of top prospects on the roster, they don't have a played ranked in any of the juco recruiting outlets. That doesn't often mean shit because juco recruiting is much more difficult to get a grasp of compared to high school. But it's also not a good sign.
  11. Scout

    Scout Well-Known Member

    He’s worse.

    Brown knows he’s a dick.

    Sims is a self righteous son of a bitch.
  12. Scout

    Scout Well-Known Member

    Oh, he’s a bitch.
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