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Las Vegas: Riviera Hotel & Casino

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by TwoGloves, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. TwoGloves

    TwoGloves Well-Known Member

    OK, I've checked all the other Vegas threads and never saw this place mentioned. Anyone stay there recently? I'm going for a quickie next month (got round trip air fare for $14!) and want to keep it as cheap as possible. I don't need a ritzy hotel but I don't want a dump either. This place is really cheap. Anyone stay here, the Circus Circus or Sahara recently? Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Inky_Wretch

    Inky_Wretch Well-Known Member

    With my beloved Stardust gone, my next Vegas stay will probably be at the Riv.

    Here's the latest article I found via http://www.jetcafe.org/~npc/gambling/casino_death_watch.html#list

  3. bydesign77

    bydesign77 Active Member

    i tell everyone this. the sahara. it's the way to go. low limits. on the strip. not crowded. and if you play your cards right (pun intended) you can be fully comped.
  4. I want to know how in God's name you got roundtrip airfare for $14.
  5. Tommy_Dreamer

    Tommy_Dreamer Well-Known Member

    In Vegas for a quickie? Better not let your spouse find out.
  6. Blair Waldorf

    Blair Waldorf Member

    Sounds like Spirit Airlines to me.

    We always stay at the Mirage (though we're returning fully comped to TI in Nov.), but we had a blast downtown. If you're open to that, they have low-limit tables, cheap food and drinks and a more laidback atmosphere than the strip. Check out Golden Nugget (the best downtown), or even Four Queens for cheap rooms.
  7. bydesign77

    bydesign77 Active Member

    last time my airfare to vegas was $0. before that, $0. the time before, the time before. God i love working in this industry.
  8. TwoGloves

    TwoGloves Well-Known Member

    Yup, Spirit. Never flown with them before but a GWAA buddy has several times. (He flew to Vegas once for 97 cents.) As for the Sahara, I stayed there years ago (1992?) and it was OK then other than having to walk forever to get through the casino to the elevators. So that's not a bad option?
  9. Blair Waldorf

    Blair Waldorf Member

    If that's what you're deciding between, I'd rank them like this:

    1) Riv
    2) Sahara
    1,098,347) Rent a car and sleep in it on the street
    1,098,348) Cirque du Shittay (Circus Circus)
  10. TwoGloves

    TwoGloves Well-Known Member

    Gracias. When Circus Circus was offering the third night free I figured there was a good reason. Like I said, I ain't looking for the Venetian or Wynn, something cheap and fairly clean. Used to stay at Ballys a lot but I don't want to spend that much if I don't have to. Hooters was also fairly inexpensive.
  11. Blair Waldorf

    Blair Waldorf Member

    When you go, what are you going for? Clubs? Drinking? Gambling? Debauchery?

    Your plans can really help determine the best place for you to stay.

    Like I said - I'm a BIG fan of downtown, and I've always been a LVStrip gal. On our Nov. trip, it looks like we'll be staying on TI's dime to check out their new digs and then spending a night at the Golden Nugget downtown.
  12. The Granny

    The Granny Guest

    Great man whores at the Monte Carlo.
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