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L&O:CI loses Noth

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Inky_Wretch, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Inky_Wretch

    Inky_Wretch Well-Known Member

    Jeff Goldblum joins the cast!?!

    LOS ANGELES — Mr. Big is out, and Mr. Goldblum is in.
    Jeff Goldblum will be joining “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” while Chris Noth — Mr. Big in the “Sex and the City” TV show and movie — is leaving after three seasons, a series spokeswoman said Thursday.
    “Criminal Intent,” part of the “Law & Order” franchise that includes the original series and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” recently was picked up for a 16-episode eighth season by USA Network.
    “Jeff’s presence will add a new dimension to an already successful show,” series creator Dick Wolf said.
    Noth’s character, New York police Detective Mike Logan, was a member of the “Law & Order” family since the start, Wolf noted, adding, “We all wish him the best.”
    Noth played Logan on the original NBC series from 1990 to ’95, in a “Law & Order” TV movie and then on “Criminal Intent” starting in 2005. The show’s seventh season airs Sundays on USA.
    “When others couldn’t get television shows produced in New York, Dick Wolf found a way to do it, and as a New Yorker I truly appreciate all that he has done for the city,” Noth said in a statement Thursday.
    “The last few years have been fantastic, and both sides are happy with the result. All’s well that ends well,” Noth said.
    Goldblum recently starred in the short-lived NBC series “Raines” but is mostly known as a film actor with credits that include “Jurassic Park,” “The Lost World,” “Independence Day” and “The Fly.”
    He shared an Academy Award nomination in 2005 for the live-action short film “Little Surprises.”
    “Criminal Intent” originally aired on NBC. But when the network decided that last season’s schedule had room for only two of the shows a deal was struck to air “Criminal Intent” first on USA, then on NBC.
    NBC and USA are corporate cousins within NBC Universal, and “Criminal Intent” reruns on USA already had proved among its most popular programming.
    “Criminal Intent,” which looks at cases from both the perspective of police and lawbreakers, stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe and Eric Bogosian.
  2. Small Town Guy

    Small Town Guy Well-Known Member

    I didn't like Noth as much on CI as I did on the original Law and Order. Was always a bit disappointed when it'd be one of his episodes and not Goren. Goldblum? Hmm, have no idea what that'll be like.
  3. Cadet

    Cadet Guest

    I'm very sad about Noth but intrigued by Goldblum. Hope they find him a partner who doesn't look 12.
  4. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    I can't wait for the show, ripped from the headlines of course, about the escape of cloned dinosaurs.
  5. JakeandElwood

    JakeandElwood Well-Known Member

    He's in the squad car ... "Must go faster, must go faster!"
  6. thegrifter

    thegrifter Member

    See, I think it'll be worse with Goldblum. Just don't see him in this role at all.
  7. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams Well-Known Member

    Didn't Goldblum recently fail miserably in some series involving ghosts or supernatural nonsense? Major, major downgrade from Noth, whom I much preferred over Vincent D'Onofrio. At least Mr. Big didn't constantly interrogate people by leaning over and looking at them horizontally. Worst affectation/acting tic in prime-time TV.
  8. thegrifter

    thegrifter Member

    See, I loved D'Onofrio, especially those limited episodes when he went against his nemesis.
  9. DanOregon

    DanOregon Well-Known Member

    I actually liked Noth with Alicia Witt better since he was forced into the role of the reasonable one. As long as Goldblum isn't being all Goldblummy it should be okay. I imagine NBC is forcing him to work off the hefty pay he got from Raines that he never earned since the show got yanked.
  10. old_tony

    old_tony Well-Known Member

    No offense, JW, but I really liked Goldblum in "Raines." Wish it was still on. The idea was a little out there, but he was pretty damn good in is, so I look forward to seeing what he can do on CI.
  11. ifilus

    ifilus Active Member

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  12. Small Town Guy

    Small Town Guy Well-Known Member


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