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Kriegel Hits It Out Of the Park

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Boom_70, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Boom_70

    Boom_70 Well-Known Member

    I had to clean my screen numerous times reading this one:

    On the Mark: A-Rod fails to shine again
    Mark Kriegel / FOXSports.com
    Posted: 3 days ago

    As it ended — the Yankee season and, in all likelihood, the Joe Torre era — Alex Rodriguez was asked if he had been redeemed.
    "I don't believe in redemption and all that kind of crap," he said. "It is what it is."

    His answer will stand among the few striking sentiments in all the postseason verbiage. It was what it was, an improbable coda to Torre's reign: Derek Jeter grounding into an inning-ending double play with runners on first and third, and A-Rod knocking the meaningless solo homer an inning later.

    "I feel like we let him down," Rodriguez said.

    For 12 years now, Joe Torre has endowed the Yankees a sense of stability and dignity it had lacked under George Steinbrenner. He isn't the perfect manager, not after losing three consecutive Division Series to teams with considerably lesser payrolls. And if the reports are true, this four-game loss to the Cleveland Indians will be his last as a Yankee.

    "It's not Joe's fault," said Rodriguez.

    In fact, the fault belongs to Chien-Ming Wang and Roger Clemens and all the big batsmen who suddenly couldn't hit with runners in scoring position. Jeter was 3-for-17, hitting into three double plays while leaving eight men on base. Jorge Posada was 2-for-15. Hideki Matsui was 2-for-11. Bobby Abreu went 4-for-15. Rodriguez was also 4-for-15, with two walks and six strikeouts.

    So maybe for once he hit better than Captain Clutch. That misses the point, though. Alex Rodriguez is the most talented position player in baseball. He's coming off yet another MVP season, with 54 homers and 156 RBI. But he went into Monday night's game six for his last 51 in the playoffs. This October was his turn to shine — and he did not.

    That solo home run — a shot that made the score 6-3 in the seventh — was his first postseason RBI since 2004. He won't be remembered for that, though. Yankee fans are more likely to recall him striking out with runners on first and second in the first. Or, even more conspicuous, the ninth inning of Game 2: baseball's best player striking out in a tie game, leaving Abreu stranded on second base.

    He had his chance to be a Yankee hero. Now he has a chance to be a free agent. He can break all the records and break the bank, too, setting astronomical new standards in every category from home runs to salary.

    I can't help but think he should go to the Cubs. Batting at Wrigley, he could finish his career with close to a thousand homers. Besides, he'd be playing with house money. Losing doesn't seem to bother Cubs fans all that much.

    Rodriguez, who can declare for free agency 10 days after the World Series, said it was too early to be thinking in those terms. "It's a very painful time," he said.

    Of course, he wants Joe Torre to return as the Yankee manager. He just can't want it too much. Such a want would hint at a need for redemption. And A-Rod knows better than that.

    It is what it is.

    On the Mark

    Yankees come up short

    The Yankees' ALDS loss to the Indians is the talk of New York. Check out the coverage in the New York Post.

    It's an Indian Bummer
    No Magic, No Mojo
    Jeter's Flat Fall
    The Best Man
    End of the old guard?
    Boss keeps lip zipped
    Poll: Who should stay or go?

    Obviously, Chien-Ming Wang studied tapes of Roger Clemens' postseason performances.

    Can't say I was shocked to see Clemens leave Game 3 down 3-0 after 2 1/3 innings.

    Remember Game 7, New York-Boston, 2003 ALCS? Clemens lasted three-plus and left down 4-0.

    Fact: With his team facing elimination, Clemens has one win in seven chances and a 5.28 ERA. That win, by the way? Oct. 15, 1986.

    So can someone explain exactly how Clemens got to be the personification of Yankee virtue.

    By the way, tomorrow marks the 17th anniversary of the day he got tossed in the second inning against Oakland. Of course, that was an elimination game, too.


    Three sweeps, now the Rockies vs. the Diamondbacks.

    TBS execs must be overjoyed.

    The best they got are those Frank TV promos.

    Then there's Dane Cook, who keeps screaming there's only one October.

    That's deep. Annoying, too.

    This just in: Magic Johnson will not sue Isiah Thomas for kissing him before the 1988 NBA Finals.

    If baseball doesn't work out for Travis Hafner, he might be able to get a gig with the GEICO cavemen.

    Hey, the guy's got a strong jaw

    Wait up, Cleveland, it gets worse. I heard LeBron is a Ravens fan, too.

    A lot of Angels fans left the stadium before Boston's seven-run eighth.

    But, hey, it's a hockey town.

    Speaking of which, when does the NHL season start?

    And when does Major League Soccer end?


    The Knicks can't be too upset about an $11.6 million verdict. After all, this is a team that paid Steve Francis.

    When asked about the case, Stephon Marbury kept saying, "It shall be well."

    It's better than, "You getting in the truck?"

    And they say the kid's uncoachable.

    You think maybe those gnats that attacked Joba Chamberlain were a Biblical-style plague visited upon the Yankees by, you know, the Big Guy?

    I'm just saying, God is everywhere. Even Marbury found him. Same for the actor Tom Sizemore, who's doing time for possession of about 90 pounds of meth. Sizemore says, "God's trying to tell me he doesn't want me using drugs because every time I use them I get caught."

    Maybe it's time for God to have a chat with Travis Henry, who's reportedly failed his fourth marijuana test.

    Henry says he'll take a lie detector, give a urine sample — anything but a paternity test.

    Love these responsible drinking ads for Captain Morgan rum. The thing is, if you're drinking Captain Morgan, responsibility probably isn't your priority.

    Wanted to kick myself Saturday night after Stanford upset USC. Told the bookie I absolutely would never give more than 40 points.

    But, hey, nobody said being a man of principle would be easy.

    The NFL's most deceptive statistic is 71.2. That would be Chad Pennington's completion percentage.

    Forget the West Coast offense. I don't get West Coast journalism. The Trojan quarterback throws four interceptions and there wasn't a single "Booty Call" headline in the papers.

    Shawn Marion, with a chance to go to the NBA Finals and a contract that pays him $34.2 million over the next two seasons, is demanding a trade.

    Must be hanging out with Travis Henry.

    Which Jones has more credibility, Pacman or Marion?

    Seen on a tee-shirt at Wrigley Field: "Anybody can have a bad century."

    Cincinnati, Hawaii and Kentucky all in the top 20. South Florida and BC are in the top five.

    Just another season in college football.

    In case you're keeping score at home, Reggie Bush has as many fumbles as touchdowns.

    Got home the other night just in time to see the highlights of Kurt Warner out-passing Gus Frerotte.

    OK, maybe I did a lot of stupid things back in the day, but why all of a sudden is there an entire decade I can't account for?
  2. BigDog

    BigDog Active Member

    Good stuff. J-E-T-S fans will crucify him even for that reference.
  3. Stone Cane

    Stone Cane Member

  4. DisembodiedOwlHead

    DisembodiedOwlHead Active Member

    As everybody outside New York yawns (again) ...
  5. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    Oh, so I guess ARod isn't newsworthy?

    And there were four NY-centric references in the quick hits department. Too NY-centric? Laughable.

    Maybe you would have felt better if it it was a West Virginia-centric column.
  6. spnited

    spnited Active Member

    Great stuff. An original take on A-Rod. Great collection of one-liners in On the Mark. Damn, nobody is better than Kriegel.
  7. gingerbread

    gingerbread Well-Known Member

    I like Mark.
    But what did he hit out of the park, Boom? His take on the Yankees was no better or worse than anyone else's take the night the season ended. With no deadline for Mark, I was expecting much more.
    Don't understand what made you spit on your screen, either.
  8. Ben_Hecht

    Ben_Hecht Active Member

    Loopy certainly isn't.
  9. Boom_70

    Boom_70 Well-Known Member

    Show me another columnist that consistantly week in and week out comes up with the one liners that Kriegel does.
  10. nafselon

    nafselon Well-Known Member

    Bianchi's notes column, which is hit or miss with me, was better this week.
  11. Frank_Ridgeway

    Frank_Ridgeway Well-Known Member

    Since when do one-liners equal a home run?

    The crowd didn't appear to think A-Rod's home run was meaningless at the time he hit it. For that matter, neither did Abreu's homer two innings later seem irrelevant in anything but hindsight.

    He's a very good writer, but he's much more of a football/basketball/boxing guy. This was a team that had spine enough to stage one of the great comebacks in baseball history, and now they're chokers because they didn't win a short series? Come on. All season long it was a team that for the most part was cold all at once and hot all at once. Even during their epic drive to a wild-card spot, there were games against the Orioles and Devil Rays, for crissakes, when NOBODY could hit and they'd just get creamed, and then a day later they'd score 10 runs. That's just baseball. And this was the only first-round series that wasn't a sweep -- maybe the column that "hits it out of the park" is one that asks as more than just a few throwaway lines if the five-game series is doing baseball any favors or if this year was just a fluke that way.
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