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Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by dog428, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. dog428

    dog428 Active Member

    Since every other decent new show has a thread, I was feeling bad for this one.

    Thought it wasn't too damn bad. NBC obviously dumped some cash on this. Lots of recognizable faces and has a movie-type feel to it.

    Yeah, it's basically Ransom meets Man on Fire, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

    My only problem: I have no idea how they'll stretch this thing out for a full season, much less multiple seasons, without irritating the hell out of people. But the first one was good.
  2. dooley_womack1

    dooley_womack1 Well-Known Member

    I think at some point the kid escapes, and everybody tries to find him. I think they're setting up the mother to be a heavy; after all, why would the kidnappers have his prescription? Why the mother and the kids start speaking Spanish to each other in whispered tones is beyond me, but it's gotta mean something. And why even let the other kid in the SUV survive?
  3. dog428

    dog428 Active Member

    Yeah, my first thought when she was talking to the guy on the phone was that she set the whole thing up to get a chunk of the husband's cash. But I don't know. That seems rather easy. And they're gonna need awfully complicated to make this thing stretch.
  4. dooley_womack1

    dooley_womack1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, viewers usually like things wrapped up in a hour. The incremental approach worked for 24, didn't for Murder One. There are quite a few shows that will test the theory this season.
  5. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    It's worked OK for Lost...
  6. Michael_ Gee

    Michael_ Gee Well-Known Member

    I checked the first half-hour, then came to the realization I didn't care enough about any of the characters to commit to an hour of my life each week on their behalf. Besides, my willing suspension of disbelief was already gone.
    Shoot off automatic weapons on the Upper East Side and you draw quite a crowd. Also, if a witness was alive, cops would've gotten to him hours before the freelancer.
    It's very satisfying to cross a new show off the list. More time for other stuff.
  7. Ashy Larry

    Ashy Larry Active Member

    good first episode, I'll tune in next week........there isn't anything else on at that time that interests me.

    And DW...the mom and children are speaking french to each other.
    the mom is speaking french with her kids
  8. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    Dana Delany has held up quite well for someone who has got to be pushing 50...
  9. Space Monkey

    Space Monkey Member

    Not a bad premiere, but I can only handle one show about kidnapping (Vanished) right now.

    Vanished had a major suspension-of-disbelief moment the other night that caused me to question the show's writing and may be enough to make me stop watching that show.
  10. D-Backs Hack

    D-Backs Hack Guest

    Why she's never been regarded as a true A-list sex symbol is beyond me. Guess it's because of her wholesome appearance and the fact that she's rarely been scantily-or-less clad.

    Still remember when she first disrobed in Exit To Eden (she was the only reason I paid to see that god-awful film). Jaws dropped all over the theater.

    And according to IMDB, she turned the big 5-0 on March 13.
  11. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    I always thought she was hot as hell...
  12. shotglass

    shotglass Guest

    I watched it, and it wasn't bad. My problem is the same thing which has always been my problem with "24" ... I can see a show where things are NEVER looking up at the end of an episode. Just setback after setback after setback.
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