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Kentucky plane crash (headline changed per Moddy) ....

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Football_Bat, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. markvid

    markvid Guest

    It looks like we're gonna find out how poorly lit some runways are in the dark.
  2. Columbo

    Columbo Active Member

    What did I miss, mark, that prompted this post from you?
  3. Johnny Dangerously

    Johnny Dangerously Well-Known Member

    I didn't mention 9/11, but then again, the head didn't say "accident." She said "crash."

    But yes, I was referring to the crash in Queens.
  4. markvid

    markvid Guest

    Apparently, he tried to take off from a runway he thought was 7,000 feet that was only 3.500.
    Now, I'm sure all of us who've flown have seen the little markers that indicate how many thousands of feet a pilot has left till the end of a runway. Now, it was dark. So, did he not know he was running out of room?
  5. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    I can multi-task.

    I got nothing against you, really, except you seem to jump on every decision we make.
    'cept this one, of course.
  6. Columbo

    Columbo Active Member

    You KNOW that is unadulterated, whiny bullshit.

    Yes, Idaho as a moddy and the split of the boards were pretty shortsighted moves.

    The rest, best I can recall? Butter.

    And, you, personally, are the best of the five-star-plus-general group.
  7. wickedwritah

    wickedwritah Guest

    Shouldn't the air-traffic controller notice if the pilot's taking the wrong runway? I'm imaging Lexington is a big enough airport to have someone in the tower at 6 a.m. Sunday.
  8. markvid

    markvid Guest

    They apparently cleared them onto one runway, he used another. You are right, why the tower wouldn't have seen it will probably be a part of the investigation.
  9. 2muchcoffeeman

    2muchcoffeeman Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but so should the pilot. Given the way Comair operates, I can't imagine that the pilot didn't know the layout of the runways at Bluegrass Airport. I've flown out of LEX even earlier than that 6 a.m. Delta flight with no problems.

    I can hazard a guess ... typically, commercial flights take off on the northeast-southwest axis from BGA. Maybe the pilot taxied around to the liftoff area but turned left at the first turnoff (to the shorter runway) rather than continuing to the second (the 7,000-footer he was supposed to use). According to the Herald-Leader, this morning there were few clouds and no visibility restrictions but it was still a half-hour before sunrise.

    The sole survivor was the plane's first officer. Maybe someday he'll be able to answer that question.
  10. markvid

    markvid Guest

    I've gone out of there, too, in the dark.
    At that ungodly hour, I'm surprised more mistakes aren't made that time of day.
  11. Michael_ Gee

    Michael_ Gee Well-Known Member

    All of us on this board have probably flown REALLY early. I've always assumed the crew were morning people by nature. This one is a lot more scary than hair gel bombs.
  12. KYSportsWriter

    KYSportsWriter Well-Known Member

    Mark, the runway the pilot supposedly used is a daytime only runway. I don't know why the airtraffic controller didn't realize the plane was on the wrong one before it was too late.
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