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Kareem wants a statue ...NOW!

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by NickMordo, May 18, 2011.

  1. NickMordo

    NickMordo Active Member


    I agree with him. De La Hoya has a statue and not the NBA's all-time leading scorer? I don't get it. Kareem is a top-10 NBA player in history and deserves to be recognized as such.
  2. BadgerBeer

    BadgerBeer Well-Known Member

    As far as I am concerned they should put a statue up in Milwaukee as well.

    JNEWFIFTY Member

  4. Starman

    Starman Well-Known Member

    1. Yeah, Milwaukee. The Bucks franchise would not exist if not for Kareem (it would have moved/folded in the early 70s).

    2. Wayne Gretzky? What. The. Fuck.

    3. Baylor and Wilt say WTF, too -- their statues should have gone up before a broadcaster's.
  5. JC

    JC Well-Known Member

    Um, why wouldn't Gretzky get one?
  6. Starman

    Starman Well-Known Member

    Kings never won a championship or even came close during his tenure (they made the Finals once and got blown off the ice). I don't feel like adding up the overall records but it appears LA was barely over .500 (maybe under) with Gretzky on the roster.

    To get a statue, you should win a LOT of games.
  7. JC

    JC Well-Known Member

    or be the best player to ever play the game
  8. Stoney

    Stoney Well-Known Member

    Probably because they felt they needed at least one token hockey player.

    Part of the problem is you've got a building with three major teague tenants, and several other lesser tenants (WNBA, AFL, etc.). And you've already constructed three statues representing the Lakers, only one for the Kings, and zero for the Clippers or other tenants.

    There's already a perception that the other teams ae just renting out the Lakers' house. Increasing the statue disproportion only increases that perception.

    That said, Kareem obviously is very deserving. But the idea of a man who's been deluged with honors his whole life being upset about an unbuilt statue strikes me as kind of petty.
  9. Bubbler

    Bubbler Well-Known Member

    Kareem is the most under-appreciated basketball player of all-time. It's really unfortunate.
  10. Starman

    Starman Well-Known Member

    Probably true, but he has contributed greatly to this perception with his erratic post-retirement relationship with the media. For the most part he's been very standoffish, avoided media exposure, except when he has some particular project he wants to promote.

    He's a good speaker and at times can project a friendly public image -- there's no reason he shouldn't have been able to have a Bill Walton-like career as a commentator.
  11. gingerbread

    gingerbread Well-Known Member

    To be fair, we should at least post the original story/interview.

  12. flexmaster33

    flexmaster33 Well-Known Member

    What he did on the court was amazing...a big man with moves...unstoppable. Definitely should be honored...just wish he didn't feel the need to request it.
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