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Just call me Lastings Milledge...

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Mitch21, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Mitch21

    Mitch21 Member

    Alright, so recently I started a thread entitled "Lenny P.," and as most of you know, it didn't exactly work out. I found this site just a few days before creating that thread, and I was excited to get involved. I didnt hit a game-tying home run in the 10th inning and then high-five the fans afterwards; however, I did start a thread without thinking it through and made an outrageous claim. Like most troubled athletes, I have decided to blame it on the "crew" I have been running with. I spend a lot of time on fan message boards, and let's be honest, there are plenty of crazies out there, and every single one of them thinks they are John Clayton. My vision was blurred, and thankfully, I found this site. It was naive on my part, and although it may not be a big deal to some, it has been driving me nuts.

    My reasoning is this. In 17 days(I swear i'm not counting) I will graduate from Florida State and will attempt to enter the dreaded "real world." Sports journalism is the career path I have chosen, and it excites me every time I think about it. I feel like I'm a strong writer and I am obsessed with sports. Not obsessed like I watch ESPN every day, but obsessed like I sit at my computer pressing the refresh button on baseball box scores, waiting to see the stats change(yes I still have a girlfriend, dont ask me how.) But aside from my ability to write(which needs A LOT of work) and my obsession with sports, I don't know much. That's why this site, at least to me, is so amazing. In the week or two I have been logging on to this site, I have learned so much, and continue to find more and more access to things that will help me even further. In addition to the things available on the site, the majority of the people on this site are where I want to be, and that is a great resource. I want to be able to pick your brains and ask questions and learn as much as possible, so that I can successfully make this my career as well.

    Having created the thread that I did, I sort of shot myself in the foot, and now have this feeling that I will be considered the town weirdo every time I post something. I believe I will be able to provide a lot of insight to this message board regarding certain topics, and will keep quiet when the subject is out of my league, as many of these topics are. So let's just put "Lenny P." behind us and begin anew with SkinsNoles21.

    As I have already learned in my short time hunting for a career beginning, it's crazy out there, and im gonna need all the help I can get...
  2. shotglass

    shotglass Guest

    I trust you will provide more offense in the clutch than Lastings Milledge.

    Welcome to the zoo. ;)
  3. Boom_70

    Boom_70 Well-Known Member

    If you were able to provide some "pictures" of your romp with Jenn Sterger that would probably help you gain a lot of street cred with the board very fast.
  4. Mitch21

    Mitch21 Member

    haha Jenn Sterger is hot. I do know a guy that lives with a guy that dated her, but I suppose that doesnt mean anything. I will say one thing though, Jenn is right when she says she got lucky. The amount of attractive females on the FSU campus is ridiculous, and there are a ton of girls that could have snagged her job. I don't want to say my girlfriend is hotter, because Jenn now gets paid to stay in shape and look that good, but she is hot. I am far from bragging, because I think any guy who half way puts himself out there and doesnt turn creepy can get a hot girl at FSU...they are everywhere.

    Shit...my intelligent thread...ruined, all because of Jenn Sterger...

    ha...she is pretty freakin hot though so I guess I cant get that mad...
  5. Leo Mazzone

    Leo Mazzone Member

    Provably hot?

    Start spelling ridiculous correctly and all will be well. ;)
  6. Mitch21

    Mitch21 Member

    shit...old habit...Im sure there are other typos at the top, but I broke my right hand and it is a pain in the ass typing with a cast on so I just try to type it fast and get it over with.
  7. Double Down

    Double Down Well-Known Member


    Five quick suggestions:

    1. Humility counts for a lot around here. Keep that in mind. It's good that you said you feel like you have a lot to learn. People here can help teach you some of those things. Listen plenty, and brag as little as possible, even if it's the truth. Even if your girlfriend is hotter than Jenn Sterger, simply saying so will make some people here very, very angry. And they will try to mock you until you get angry, or leave. It is almost like a sport around here. Make that post about the hottness of your girl your last, or at least not until you reach 1,000 posts.

    2. Getting excited over sports is a good thing, but remember to get excited over other things too, like politics, literature, history and, namely, good writing. Even if you want to go into television or radio and not print, try to read 100 pages of a book or two or three good magazine profiles for every hour of ESPN you watch. Also, tell yourself right now that no one owes you anything, and that you can learn something from any job, no matter how shitty it appears. If you want to be a sports writer and your best offer is in South Dakota, move to South Dakota.

    3. You said you wanted to bury Lenny P. That's cool. Just remember that very rarely, if ever, do sports writers try to intentionally harm or "fuck wit" a franchise. They job is to report the news and let others decide what it means. ESPN is not a good example to follow because too often they blur the lines between reporter and commentator. You're after the best story possible. If that means JaMarcus Russell possibly being brought in to work out, that's a story, even if it doesn't gel with the party line Dan Snyder is pushing.

    4. Don't be afraid to ask questions of people here. But also be careful about revealing too much about yourself. It's a small business. As young as you are, don't get into a pissing match about something stupid here, because as absurd as it sounds, it could bite you in the ass down the road.

    5. Do this because you love the language, love the principals of journalism, not because you love sports. You may not believe it right now, but that love of sports will likely wane a bit as you get older. Your first major league clubhouse or NFL locker room will feel hypnotic. Your 2,000th major league clubhouse will make you feel numb. But the love of words will endure.
  8. Mitch21

    Mitch21 Member

    thanks doubledown...exactly the reason I am glad I am here and the main reason I wrote that post. I was hoping to receive some advice. The girlfriend thing maybe went a little too far, but I was only trying to point out FSU's co-eds. I am funny looking, got lucky landing her, and in a few months I will be living God knows where and all of that will be over. I am ready to move wherever necessary...

    I definitely wont be getting into any pissing matches, because I know I will lose, and lose BAD.
  9. Flying Headbutt

    Flying Headbutt Moderator Staff Member

    Definitely heed DD's word. The guy is a great story teller and a cool guy to go along with it. He's one to listen to. Plus he did you one better, and married way above himself. ;D
  10. Double Down

    Double Down Well-Known Member

    How very true. Way, way above his goofy ass.
  11. Mitch21

    Mitch21 Member

    Well I will definitely be listening to what he has to say...

    This might just be the college coming out of me but I enjoy the fact that he has found a way to be nicknamed DD's. Seems to me thats an accomplishment in itself. My uncle Dick on the other hand...HATED that name.
  12. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    You had sex with 13-year-old girls?
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