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Just a way to save time

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by slappy4428, May 31, 2007.

  1. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    and condense posts... you can pick the story you want to discuss.


    _ Tuberculosis patient identified as 31-year-old personal injury lawyer
    _ AP IMPACT: 5 cities vulnerable to a hurricane disaster rivaling New Orleans
    _ Bush calls for global warming summit of U.S., other big polluters
    _ With electricity shortages in Baghdad worsening, many plug into black market
    _ Will Spam King's arrest help reduce the nuisance?
    _ BILLY GRAHAM LIBRARY: Developing from 2 p.m. event.
    Notable Photos:

    _SMALLEST HORSE: NYMA109, Michael Goessling poses for a photo with Thumbelina, the world's smallest horse, just a hair over 17 inches tall, during a ceremony in New York.
    _ IRAQ FUNERAL: BAG110, 10-year-old Ibtisan Abdullah, daughter of a victim after an early morning U.S. airstrike, stands in front of her uncle who is being assisted after collapsing in sorrow, after her fathers' funeral in Sadr City.
    _POISONED SPY: MOSB107, Andrei Lugovoi, whom Britain has named as a suspect in the killing of ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, holds papers during a news conference in Moscow when he said he has evidence of British special services' involvement in the death of Litvinenko.
    _THAILAND: DLL104, Bangkok police scuffle with supporters of ousted Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra during a rally after the Thai Constitutional Court ordered the Thai Rak Thai party to be dissolved on and banned Shinawatra from Thai politics for five years.
    _VENEZUELA CHAVEZ TV: CAR116, Police escort university students protesting against Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez's decision to shut down opposition-aligned television station Radio Caracas Television, RCTV, in Caracas.
    _CZEK REPUBLIC KHAMORO: JPRA101, A Gypsy girl dances during a march through central Prague, as Gypsies from across the world are gathered for the world Gypsy festival Khamoro 2007.

    _ HURRICANE SEASON: An interactive graphic is available that shows the effect of Category 1 through Category 5 storms, using animation; the routes of all major U.S. hurricanes since 1851; and the deadliest and costliest hurricanes in U.S. history. It is in the _national/hurricanes folder;
    _ IRAQ: _international/iraq_missing_troops_ss folder; international/war_casualties/casualties/xml folder for Hosted subscribers; _international/war_casualties folder for FTP subscribers.
    _ SPECIAL OPS MEMORIAL: _national/soldier_memorial folder.
    _ LOBBYING WAR WIDOWS: wdc/memorial folder.
    _ WHITE HOUSE 2008: wdc/early2008 folder.
    _ LIFE OF AN NFL ROOKIE: _sports/nfl07/stewartbradley_rookie folder.

    _ MILITARY PROTEST HEARING _ An Iraq war veteran could lose his honorable discharge status after being photographed wearing fatigues at an anti-war protest.
    _ SLAVERY APOLOGY _ Gov. Bob Riley signed a resolution Thursday expressing ``profound regret'' for Alabama's role in slavery and apologizing for slavery's wrongs and lingering effects.
    _ CRASH TESTS _ When it comes to buying a new convertible, a hefty price tag doesn't always buy safety. AP Photos.
    _ TICKET SCALPING _ New York is poised this week to become the latest state to ease or eliminate decades-old restrictions on scalping.
    _ HARRY POTTER PARK _ _ Universal Orlando Resort is opening a Harry Potter theme park that will let fans visit many of the iconic locations in the books and movies that endeared the boy magician to millions. AP Photos.
    _ THEATER-LORD OF THE RINGS _ A London performance of the ``Lord of the Rings'' musical ended abruptly with actors dressed as
    hobbits, elves and dwarfs, rushing to help a screaming cast member whose leg was trapped in set machinery. AP Photo.

    ATLANTA _ The tuberculosis patient under quarantine is identified as a 31-year-old personal injury lawyer in Atlanta. He's been taken to a specialized hospital in Denver, where doctors express optimism he can be cured. By Greg Bluestein.
    AP Photos CODER104, COEA101-102. AP Video.

    WASHINGTON _ President Bush calls for a summit of the U.S. and 14 other nations blamed as major contributors to global warming.
    The goal: an agreement to reduce greenhouse gases that also would blunt international allegations of American foot-dragging. Environmentalists are critical, calling it a charade to make the administration appear serious about tackling the issue. By Deb Riechmann.
    AP Photos WHCD104. AP Video.

    UNDATED _ Just because Katrina was the perfect storm _ a catastrophic combo of the wrong hurricane in the wrong place at the
    wrong time _ doesn't mean that history can't repeat itself. The Associated Press pinpoints five of the most vulnerable coastal spots: Lake Okeechobee, Fla.; Galveston, Texas; New York City; North Carolina's Outer Banks and Miami.
    AP Photos of May 29: NY330-335, TXHOU336, NY337-345. AP Graphic
    COASTAL POPULATION. Multimedia: An interactive graphic showing the five cities most vulnerable to hurricanes will be posted May 31 in
    the _national/hurricanes_cities folder. AP Video.

    _ HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS POLL, from MIAMI _ Most people along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts haven't made hurricane survival plans, despite pleas from emergency officials for residents to prepare before the season starts, according to a new poll.
    _ HURRICANE FORECAST _ With the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season a few hours away, researcher William Gray released his newest
    forecast Thursday still showing an expectation for 17 named storms and nine hurricanes, five of them intense.

    BAGHDAD _ When truck driver Said Abdul-Wahab al-Obeidi needed to find a new career after the roads of Iraq grew too dangerous, he looked for a business with a bright future. So he sold his rig, bought a generator and set up his own electric company. With Baghdad's electricity network in tatters, a thriving black market in power has sprung up across the capital. By Ravi Nessman.
    AP Photos BAG501-505. AP Video.

    NEW YORK _ The arrest of a man described as one of the world's most prolific spammers is the latest effort to stop junk e-mail at its source, but it's questionable whether this arrest alone would lead to any noticeable decrease in spam. By Internet Writer Anick Jesdanun.

    WASHINGTON _ U.S. military commanders are talking with Iraqi militants about cease-fires and other efforts to stop the violence, judging that 80 percent of insurgents are ``reconcilable,'' the No. 2 commander in Baghdad says. By Lolita C. Baldor.

    BAGHDAD _ Fighting rages in western Baghdad after residents rise up against al-Qaida intimidation and call for U.S. military help to confront extremists forcing people to cower indoors and blocking students from final exams. The American death toll for May climbs to at least 122. By Steven R. Hurst.
    AP Photos BAG107,108,110. AP Graphics IRAQ FALLUJAH, IRAQ ROUNDUP.
    _ IRAQ-DEADLY MONTH-GLANCE, a look at Iraqi and U.S. casualties in May.
    _ TURKEY-NORTHERN IRAQ, Turkey's military masses more troops and tanks on the border with Iraq, and the country's military chief says he is ready to stage a cross-border offensive to fight Kurdish guerrillas. AP Photos.

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia _ It's all the buzz in the Saudi capital _ the two new skyscrapers that soon will soar upward from this barren stretch of desert, right above the new row of chic outdoor cafes. They are a sign of this kingdom's flush of oil money. But they point to something else that surprised me on my first visit in six years: a sense of stability, even of confidence, that is rare across the Mideast these days. By Sally Buzbee.

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan _ President Gen. Pervez Musharraf has survived al-Qaida assassination bids and criticism of his alliance with the U.S., and held onto the support of fellow generals for years. But from the columns of Pakistan's newspapers to the streets, the view is growing that his bungled ouster of a judge left him seriously weakened. An AP News Analysis by Stephen Graham.
    AP Photos LHR101-102.

    CHARLOTTE _ A presidential-style library tracing the life of evangelist Billy Graham, the most widely heard minister of all time, is dedicated by three former U.S. presidents and hundreds of well-wishers. By Religion Writer Rachel Zoll.
    Eds: Developing from 2 p.m. event.
    AP Photos.

    NEW YORK _ Their main job used to be retrieving rusty murder weapons, corpses of crime victims and the occasional stolen car from the city's murky waterways. But the New York Police Department's scuba team has quietly adopted a counterterrorism role since Sept. 11: scouring seawalls, bridge footings and ship hulls for explosives. By Tom Hays.
    AP Photos NYR101-107.

    MINNEAPOLIS _ With Northwest Airlines out of bankruptcy, the nation's largest airlines have reorganized themselves to compete better in a world of discount carriers and higher fuel prices. So will travelers find that the result is airlines more attuned to their needs? Or are the carriers worse off than before? By Business Writer Joshua Freed.
    AP Photos NYML101, NYML102.
    _ ECONOMY: Economic growth skidded to a near halt in the first quarter, with the worst showing in four years raising fresh concerns. AP Graphics GDP, GDP YEARS, CONSTRUCTION.

    WASHINGTON _ Anyone who has struggled with split ends or unruly hair knows who Vidal Sassoon is. The Obama campaign had to ask. The iconic hair stylist is among political donors who contributed more than $8 million to presidential candidates but failed to list occupations or other information required by law. By Jim Kuhnhenn.

    WASHINGTON _ Labor legislation that is a priority for Democrats has become ``veto bait'' for the White House. President Bush, who has vetoed only one bill this year, has threatened to kill five measures that would benefit unions. By Jesse J. Holland.


    HAVANA _ The ration book that determines most Cuban diets _ and that will briefly rule mine _ fits in my palm. As a foreigner paid in U.S. dollars, I've not been part of the government's food distribution system. But for one month, I will eat nothing but what the Cubans get through their rations or is available in markets with Cuban pesos. By Anita Snow.
    AP Photos. Multimedia: An interactive on AP writer Anita Snow's month living on Cuban rations will be posted in the international/cuba_rations folder. It will be updated several times a week with journal entries and photos documenting the experience.

    MOSCOW _ A Russian accused by Britain of poisoning ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko tries to turn the tables by claiming that British secret services were involved in the death. Andrei Lugovoi offers a convoluted spy saga full of names, shifting allegiances
    and dark accusations, but doesn't produce any evidence. By Vladimir Isachenkov.
    AP Photos MOSB107,117,120. Multimedia: An interactive on the Litvinenko poisoning is in the _international/poisoned_spy folder.

    _ RICE, from POTSDAM, Germany: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says Russian attitudes are locked in the past and the U.S. is
    perplexed by a dispute over a planned missile system in Europe.
    _ KOREAS-NUCLEAR: North Korea and the U.S. ignored an offer for South Korea to help resolve a banking dispute that has bedeviled progress on Pyongyang's nuclear disarmament, South Korea's president tells The Associated Press in an interview. AP Photos

    BOSTON _ Tchaikovsky. John Philip Sousa. Cowboy Junkies? The venerable Boston Pops orchestra is trying to attract a younger, bigger audience by welcoming rockers into its fold and staging an '`American Idol''-like contest on YouTube. By Nancy Rabinowitz.

    _ TV-SKIPPING COMMERCIALS: NEW YORK _ More than half of DVR viewers skipped through commercials when watching prime-time network fare earlier this month, a new study finds.
    _ HOLLYWOOD-CLUB SCENE: The hottest, trendiest nightclubs in Los Angeles want to boost their image with A-list celebrity guests _ sometimes even with stars who are too young to drink.


    _ WALKING IN TREES, HFR: Maybe walking upright on two legs isn't such a defining human feature after all. The trait may have evolved in ancient apes still living in trees, long before ancestors of humans climbed to the ground. Eds: Hold for release at 2 p.m.

    UNDATED _ Big-league smarts or bush-league stunt? Alex Rodriguez distracted a Toronto infielder with a remark while he was running the bases on a popup late in the game. The ball fell, and the Blue Jays were steaming. By Baseball Writer Ronald Blum.
    AP Photos.
  2. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    See, I thought that would help. Beats posting every story in the AP budget individually...
  3. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    slappy, and I say this with all modicum of decorum:

    That is the greatest thing anyone has ever posted, and I have a man crush on you.

    You are my god. I will form a society that will build statues of you and dance around them every full moon.

    We will sacrifice fatted calves and virgins in your name and speak in hushed, reverent tones of the day you posted the whole wire digest, just to get it out of the way.

    Your humble servant,

  4. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    Aw shucks... just remember this when it comes time for the all-SJ team...
    Golly, I don't care if I make it. I'd just be pleased and proud to be nominated.
  5. Big Buckin' agate_monkey

    Big Buckin' agate_monkey Active Member

    Did you watch Bull Durham the other night too?
  6. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    Matter of fact... yes.
  7. cranberry

    cranberry Well-Known Member

    Pretty impressive move. Although, I've put together so many of those digests that I had flashbacks.
  8. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    You forgot the "Alber Pujouls is ugly" update, though.
  9. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    Am kinda interested in the spam arrest...
  10. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    Be sure to keep an eye on that Billy Graham story for me, slap.
  11. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    The who now?
  12. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    Please keep this to copy-pasting the AP budget or go skull fuck yourself.

    And have a happy Billy Graham built a library day.
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