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Julio Lugo Signed by Boston

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Evil Bastard (aka Chris_L), Dec 5, 2006.

  1. NESN reporting a 4-year $36 million deal (since NESN is owned by the Red Sox - I think the deal is done).
  2. Excellent quote by a poster over at Sons of Sam Horn

  3. Sea Bass

    Sea Bass Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry if I'm missing a joke here, but has there been an update on Lester's condition?
  4. Sea Bass - his physical showed his cancer to be in remission and he is now expected to be reporting on time to Spring Training


    Not the best link but just for confirmation
  5. Angola!

    Angola! Guest

    Cancer free.
  6. 21

    21 Well-Known Member

  7. Sea Bass

    Sea Bass Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's great. Pretty impressive to be back for spring training less than three months after six rounds of chemo.
  8. Oz

    Oz Well-Known Member

    Well, Manny will probably be traded soon enough.
  9. wickedwritah

    wickedwritah Guest

    Yeah, Red Sox fans, we ought to be so proud of our team spending money like drunken sailors.

    Theo's legacy, such as it were, for being rather intelligent is going down the chute.
  10. outofplace

    outofplace Well-Known Member

    I like this signing a lot more than Drew, though. Lugo's only problem last year was the Dodgers traded for him, then played him only 3 or 4 games a week.

    Lugo is the leadoff man they thought they got with Coco Crisp last year.
  11. wickedwritah

    wickedwritah Guest

    After the Arroyo trade last year, color me a skeptic. Boston's made a few dumb moves since 2004.
  12. Angola!

    Angola! Guest

    Wasn't the reason he only played 3 or 4 games a week because he was hitting .220, though? I am not convinced that he is the answer for the Red Sox, especially at 4 years and $36 million.
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