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Journos guide for Lacrosse World Champs launched

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by laxgiles, May 15, 2010.

  1. laxgiles

    laxgiles New Member

    Lacrosse guide launched for Manchester World Championships (July 2010)

    With the start of the 2010 FIL Lacrosse World Championships in Manchester just weeks away (10th - 24th July) the Kent Lacrosse Development Association (KLDA) has launched a guide to the game, and the championships for journalists. This year's Championships is the largest yet with 30 teams competing in the main even and a further 54 teams from all over the world taking part in the festival competition running at the same time.

    “We decided to put the guide together after talking to a couple of journalists who were clearly interested in the event, but had little background knowledge of the sport”, said Giles Clark, Chairman of the KLDA. “Lacrosse is growing rapidly in the UK with clubs, universities and the services all seeing rapid expansion in take-up of the sport. The championships will give everyone a chance to see the sport played at its highest level.”

    The 16 page guide is available for download for free from:



    Giles Clark
    Kent Lacrosse Development Association
    07968 181921
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