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Jose Canseco said he introduced ARod to steroid dealer in a new book.

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by hockeybeat, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. hockeybeat

    hockeybeat Guest

    Yes, I know this is a D_B. But the other thread was locked.

    Canseco also claims that Rodriguez tried to bang his wife.

  2. Jose Canseco, Brave Truthteller, is probably the most hilarious character to wander onto the sports scene in a long while.
  3. Isn't this the book idea Don Yaeger turned down?
  4. hockeybeat

    hockeybeat Guest

  5. Armchair_QB

    Armchair_QB Well-Known Member

    Jose Canseco is rapidly becoming a caricature of himself.
  6. outofplace

    outofplace Well-Known Member

    Isn't there also supposedly a line about him being "Mitch-slapped" because the Senator Mitchell didn't give him enough credit?

    The only sad part is people will probably buy this crap, even if only to laugh at Canseco.
  7. hockeybeat

    hockeybeat Guest

    Newsday with excerpts:

  8. I wonder why Canseco didn't interview 'Max' for the book ...
  9. rube

    rube Active Member

    here we go again.
  10. Herbert Anchovy

    Herbert Anchovy Active Member

    In Surreal Life, Canseco being besieged by cast members with even fewer brain cells to rub together than he marked one of the transcendent moments in reality television.

    That almost upon walking through the door.
  11. schiezainc

    schiezainc Well-Known Member

    So, Canseco says A-Rod was trying to nail his wife.

    What happened? Rodriguez get close to the prize and, just when it mattered most, fail to come through in the clutch?

    Perhaps he went down looking?

    I'm sorry folks, these jokes write themselves.
  12. MU_was_not_so_hard

    MU_was_not_so_hard Active Member

    If I had a dollar for every time Steroid Dick kept me from delivering the package, I'd be a rich man.
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