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Jaynes out in Portland

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by statrat, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. statrat

    statrat Member

    Dwight Jaynes, editor/sports columnist of the Portland (NOW DAILY ONLINE!) Tribune called it quits on Friday. No word on his replacement as editor, but Kerry Eggers will be stepping into the lead sports columnist role.
    Jaynes worked for The Oregonian for years before becoming the founding editor of the Trib in 2001. The paper recently cut back from a twice-weekly to a weekly print edition. His final column was a memorial to late Oregonian columnist Brian Meehan.

  2. old_tony

    old_tony Well-Known Member

    I knew both Dwight and Kerry many years ago. Good, good people.

    That being said, the fact that both felt the need to move from the Oregonian to a free weekly is a certain indicator of what's happening to our business.
  3. CNY

    CNY Member

    I'm not sure I'd draw that connection. Their departures were seven years ago, in a very different newspaper climate. Dwight left for the chance to run a paper and host a radio show. Kerry was on a middling beat (Portland State, maybe?) and had a chance for a higher-profile role with the Tribune.
  4. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams Well-Known Member

    The way I had heard it, Kerry had covered the Trail Blazers with an edge to his stories, and some team muckety-mucks called his bosses at the paper to bitch about a few things. Next thing you knew, Kerry wasn't covering the Blazers anymore.

    It's that sort of spineless management that led to the current situation, in which the Oregonian's lead sports columnist gets a paycheck from Blazer owner Paul Allen's radio station.

    Dirtbag upper management like that, once it sells you out, makes it easy from a pride standpoint to leave for a job with a twice-weekly or weekly. OK, maybe not easy but sometimes necessary.
  5. Frylock

    Frylock Member

    Umm, so they went to Jason Quick for a kinder, gentler take on the Blazers.
    Don't think so.
  6. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams Well-Known Member

    They didn't go directly to Jason, first of all.

    And I'm not even saying that whoever followed Eggers was a softie.

    What I am saying is that, when your bosses don't have your back vs. the people/institutions that you're supposed to cover aggressively, then your newspaper is just gumming its coverage.

    First gripe a SE gets from a team exec about his reporter (allowing for a few bad exceptions), his initial instinct should be to give the reporter a raise. Not yank him/her off the beat.
  7. Frylock

    Frylock Member

    Well, I don't disagree with your point or even the handling of Eggers under the circumstances.
    However, to imply that the Oregonian has a track record of this sort of thing isn't on the mark IMO.
    Canzano, for example, has no fear of hitting hard. It doesn't matter what members on this board think of his deal.
  8. Frylock

    Frylock Member

    Whoops, that should be I don't disagree with your point and do disagree with the way the Eggers issue was handled.
  9. awriter

    awriter Active Member

    I'm not sure what the exact circumstances of Kerry's departure from The O were, but I do know the Tribune threw around a lot of money to lure people. Also, if you're accusing Canzano of being soft on the Blazers, well, have you actually read him?
  10. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams Well-Known Member

    I knew what you were saying, Fry. The "even" kind of covered you. I still respectfully disagree. To me, the folks I know who went to the Tribune did it more in protest of their bosses at the Oregonian than for any great career move.

    Cross-threading here, perhaps. But an SE or an EE allowing the paper's sports columnist to get a paycheck from an entity owned by the same guy who owns the market's No. 1 sports franchise might just be the sort of unpardonable sin I was seeking over on the "Everett plagiarism" thread.

    You do not deserve your glass office if you will not tell your writer "No" to that sort of arrangement. Period. We're not talking about the mere appearance of a conflict of interest -- enough all by itself to force the "No." We're talking about a legit conflict, like some wink-wink relic out of the 1950s, whether the writer tilts his coverage or not.

    And when it's the very same joint that cowed to a team's gripe about a beat guy, that to me is a pattern worth tracking. (I didn't add that big cheese editor Sandy Rowe is pals with Howell Raines, who foisted Jayson Blair on us. Some might think that fits the pattern too.)
  11. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams Well-Known Member

    BTW, I think Canzano is a real talent and a stand-up guy otherwise. But his double-dipping from Allen's trough hurts his and his newspaper's reputation. Still doubt the brass there would tolerate it from a lesser light on staff and probably would claim "ethics" as the reason.
  12. luckyducky

    luckyducky Guest

    According to Jaynes (http://wweek.com/wwire/?p=12657 / courtesy the Willamette Week, natch), it had a bit to do with Oregonian columnist Brian Meehan's death a couple weeks ago. (RIP, Brian)

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