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Is Stairway to Heaven really the best song ever? (Not exactly a music thread)

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by farmerjerome, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. farmerjerome

    farmerjerome Active Member

    So, I've had a really emotional week dealing with some pretty serious personal issues and an annoying situation at work.

    Today was a friend's birthday and we went out. I didn't feel like plugging the iPod in while I was driving home. Stairway comes on the radio and I started thinking, was it really the best song ever?

    I mean it's not even my favorite LZ song, but it's just one of those songs that seems to hold so many memories. I remember that it was always the last song played at middle school dances; I bought the album because my first crush likes the band -- stuff like that.

    It's a great tune.

  2. Re: Is Stairway to Heaven really the best song ever?

    No. Not even Zeppelin's best song. Not even top 10, actually.
  3. farmerjerome

    farmerjerome Active Member

    Re: Is Stairway to Heaven really the best song ever?

    I know. But the song had so many memories for so many people, at least in my neck of the woods. I'm loving it right now.
  4. hockeybeat

    hockeybeat Guest

    Comfortably Numb is the greatest song of all time.
  5. An excellent choice, sir. Not my favorite Floyd song, but it's damn sure up there.
  6. farmerjerome

    farmerjerome Active Member

    I'm not a real Floyd fan, but Wish You Were Here and Goodbye Blue Sky are pretty high up there.
  7. sportschick

    sportschick Active Member

    Let it go by Def Lep is the bestest song ever. This cannot be argued (in my head at any rate).
  8. At least Def Leppard gave us an answer to the question, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"

    The answer: Rick Allen.
  9. spnited

    spnited Active Member

    There is no one best song ever...there are thousands of them becuase you're best song is not my best song is not someone else's best song.
    Stairway is the most popular "best song ever" when radio stations to these top 5 zillion of all-time lists. It is not the best Zep song but it is still my favorite Zep song for a variety of reasons.

    And Chick, to even mention Def Lep and best song ever in the same sentence is insanity.
  10. sportschick

    sportschick Active Member

    Spnited, you do not live in my world. You merely pass through it in an Internet kind of way. In my world, not only are Def Lep and Nirvana the world's greatest bands, but that song is the greatest song ever.
  11. hockeybeat

    hockeybeat Guest

    I will say my last words on the subject: (A) If I never hear Gnarls Barkley's 'Crazy' again, it will be too soon; (B) The jagwad who suggests he can "bring sexy back" couldn't, not even with a truck and (C) Journey cannot participate in this discussion.
  12. spnited

    spnited Active Member

    Yes, I realize things can get pretty bleak in Montana. ;D :D ;)

    Actually that is proof that there is no greatest song ever.
    Different people, different tastes, different choices... none of them wrong
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