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Is Pudge Rodriguez through as a hitter?

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by casty33, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. slowcenter

    slowcenter Member

    Gentlemen -- Offense intended -- just want you to know that.

    When a guy hits .300 for an entire MLB season, he's probably not "THROUGH" as a hitter. If you can keep hitting .300 (even without any power), you can probably play until you are Julio Franco's age.

    My own question: When did everyone start to swallow the NY Post/tabloid version of sports?
    That you absolutely "SUCK" and are "DONE" if you have one or two bad games? This is BASEBALL, for goodness' sake, not the NFL.

    Casty, your mea culpa is noble, but you of all people should know better.

    Damn, I'm starting to feel like one of the old guys, a voice of reason.
  2. casty33

    casty33 Active Member

    The voice of reason is what many folks used to call me, slow, so I tell you right now you are right. And I wish I had never written this entire thing. He's not washed up.

    (But those YS at-bats sure did look rotten).
  3. slowcenter

    slowcenter Member

    You want to talk about some sick-looking at-bats: I was 20 rows behind home plate last night at Comerica and had to watch THE BEST LINEUP in baseball history flail in futility at Kenny Rogers' soft-toss offerings.

    Now that was disgusting!
  4. bigugly

    bigugly Member

    I can tell you that he look small and his swing is not good at all. Even as a catcher he is way overrated! His prime is to quote Ernie Harwell: LONG GONE!
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