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Is James Franco on SJ.com?

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Dyno, May 17, 2011.

  1. Dyno

    Dyno Well-Known Member

    Couldn't he have just written a poem or something?

    As part of his upcoming art installation/exhibit in honor of James Dean at the Venice Biennale, James Franco carved deceased actor Brad Renfro's name into his arm.

  2. bigpern23

    bigpern23 Well-Known Member

    I hear he was good on James Franco's arm.
  3. dooley_womack1

    dooley_womack1 Well-Known Member

    If he is, he needs to get me a beer
  4. TheSportsPredictor

    TheSportsPredictor Well-Known Member

  5. NickMordo

    NickMordo Active Member

    Why are you reading Perez Hilton? =/
  6. Dyno

    Dyno Well-Known Member

    I'm a gossip junkie. ;D
  7. Killick

    Killick Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't surprise me if Franco's one of us. We already know that BYH is Luke Perry.


    "Hang on for the ride of your life," indeed.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 15, 2014
  8. Rumpleforeskin

    Rumpleforeskin Active Member

    Brad Renfro's career has a lot in common with James Franco's arm in 127 Hours. Both were cut short.
  9. Liut

    Liut Well-Known Member

    Charlie Rose did an entire hour with him recently. A fascinating cat.
  10. BYH

    BYH Active Member

    If he's not here, its the only place he's not soiling with his shitty brand of post-ironic, supremely above it all performance art.
  11. novelist_wannabe

    novelist_wannabe Well-Known Member

    Well, the people of Chicago are relieved ...
  12. Double J

    Double J Active Member

    That ball still hasn't come down...... :eek: ;D
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 15, 2014
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