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Is Canzano being unethical?

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by statrat, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams Well-Known Member

    Me three.

    So they're wrong too.
  2. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams Well-Known Member

    It's quiet in here now.
    Too quiet . . .
  3. DanOregon

    DanOregon Well-Known Member

    Ethics are for people who can afford to have them
  4. blondebomber

    blondebomber Member

    Another red herring.

    Canzano is not unemployed. The fact that he is employed already is of vital significance to the whole discussion because if he didn't work for the paper, then there would be no conflict of interest in taking the job with the radio station.

    So you stating that his options are either to take the radio gig or accept a minimum-wage job only confirms you are incapable of joining in a rational debate.
  5. blondebomber

    blondebomber Member

    Then Canzano is a whore.
  6. Twoback

    Twoback Active Member

    Quite gutsy to say something like that about another human being from behind the "blondebomber" mask.
    Such courage.
    Such ethics.
  7. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    You do realize the hypocrisy of attacking someone's anonymity while posting under a fake name yourself, don't you?
  8. dooley_womack1

    dooley_womack1 Well-Known Member

    Good Doc, holding the fort until BYH can show up. :D
  9. friend of the friendless

    friend of the friendless Active Member

    Sirs, Madames,

    Canzano's co-worker, the guy bitch-slapped by management after a long distinguished career, would have been ethical if he rode a bike instead of driving a car. He could have afforded ethics if he couldn't get a car loan.

    YHS, etc
  10. Whatever. Many of the rich people I run into aren't very ethical. The only values they care about are what they paid for their new car.

    You can't buy morals, I don't care how much money you have.
  11. 21

    21 Well-Known Member

    False. Ethics are for people who believe ethics matter.
  12. Tom Petty

    Tom Petty Guest

    seems quite simple, doesn't it?
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