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Iowa Caucus Running Thread

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Fenian_Bastard, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Groundbreaking moment -- Krazy Khris Matthews used the word "pissant" on television.
    Iowans, represent please!

    Ron Paul running fourth?
    Johnny Mac's got a problem there.

    The R's are about wrapped, because their process makes sense. This site's been pretty good about updating results.
  2. D-3 Fan

    D-3 Fan Active Member

    I told you I'll give you a blow-by-blow of what's going on.

    We have a three-way tie on the D-side: O-man 33 Hill 32 Edwards 32 (33% in)

    Over on the R-side: Huck 36 Romney 23 Thompson 14 McCain 12 Paul 11 Rudy 3 (15%)

    Just got back from my precinct caucus. It was the quickest caucus I ever sat in. We were done in 30 minutes. Roughly about 100 folks in the grade school gym, including a local weatherman. We had only 6 planks for the platform, a quick vote, selected 4 delegates for the county convention and our asses were out the door quicker than you can "Hunting with Dick Cheney." Most of us wanted to get home to watch Fat Boy and the Jayhawks.
  3. Flying Headbutt

    Flying Headbutt Moderator Staff Member

    Local Fox affiliate just said Huckabee wins with 35%, with Romney coming in at 2nd with 23%. I'm kind of surprised the margin was that big.
  4. Trouser_Buddah

    Trouser_Buddah Active Member

    Did the weatherman have anything to say about global warming?
  5. D-3 Fan

    D-3 Fan Active Member

    Hell no. He wasn't about to get into that shit tonight. Surprised that there wasn't any environmental planks, abortion planks, or what not. Just a few anti-Right to Work planks and that was it.
  6. DougDascenzo

    DougDascenzo Member

    CNN is projecting Huckabee.

    Mitt probably has a bit of buyer's remorse about now.
  7. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    CNN is now projecting Obama as the winner in Iowa.
  8. JBHawkEye

    JBHawkEye Active Member

    I voted for McCain, then went to the casino.

    Had good luck at the casino.
  9. Jones

    Jones Active Member

    Huckabee wins Iowa, McCain wins New Hampshire, and it's a two-horse race, unless Florida fucks it up with Rudy.

    Obama's win is almost as incredible as Huckabee's.

    Man, this shit gives me a boner.
  10. JBHawkEye

    JBHawkEye Active Member

    Looks like my county is going Obama.

    A surprise, considering he was only here a couple of times.

    Hillary hit this area pretty hard.
  11. suburbia

    suburbia Active Member

    Can someone explain to me why the evangelicals aren't going for Romney? If family values really mean that much to them, Romney is by far the best republican candidate in that department - married to his high school sweetheart for almost 40 years and with a large, Norman Rockwell portrait family. Rudy, McCain and Thompson have all been divorced at least once.

    Are they really that hostile toward Mormons?
  12. Jones

    Jones Active Member

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