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Interesting column by Jemele

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by GBNF, May 7, 2008.

  1. GBNF

    GBNF Active Member

    A pretty good take on the whole Clemens issue...

    Hill paints a pretty bleak portrait of Malone's relationship with his illegitimate kid (s) ....


    I was, however confused with this passage:

    Rose spoke to his father for the first time nine years ago, but he was fortunate in the sense that when his father played, the NBA wasn't as popular as it is now, and Walker didn't have the same distinguished career as Malone.

    The first time Rose and Walker "met" was at Walker's funeral last year.

    "I know about kerosene heaters, sugar milk and syrup sandwiches," Rose said. "Those are the days when it was bitter and personal. But I went to college, became an All-American and had a NBA career. I had to realize that was God's plan for me. I was healthy and happy, and it wasn't like I was living under some freeway."

    What's the deal with kerosene heaters, sugar mile and syrup sandwiches, and what does it have to do with the rest of the quote?
  2. dooley_womack1

    dooley_womack1 Well-Known Member

    Um, it means pro star baby daddy left his kid in a destitute situation. You really are mystified?
  3. GBNF

    GBNF Active Member

    No, Dooley, but thanks for the fucking snarkiness.

    I mean: what the hell does kerosene heaters, sugar mile and syrup sandwiches have to do with the rest of the damn quote.

    Sorry if that was a little too vague. Next time I'll completely spell it out.
  4. jgmacg

    jgmacg Guest

    Rose is saying - by citing these things - that he grew up poor.
  5. fishwrapper

    fishwrapper Active Member

    Being poor.
    Sugar milk is another term for condensed or powdered milk. Syrup sandwiches are like mayonnaise sandwiches -- nothing in 'em. And kerosene heaters are small portable space heaters.
  6. GBNF

    GBNF Active Member

    Ah, OK, I didn't know what that referred to.

    Thanks for the response, F_W.
  7. Herbert Anchovy

    Herbert Anchovy Active Member

    'Jemele column' and 'interesting'

  8. dooley_womack1

    dooley_womack1 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, the fucking obtuseness was a bit jaw-dropping is all. You couldn't figure out that using syrup to create a sandwich isn't exactly Bill Gates territory?
  9. GBNF

    GBNF Active Member

    I have never heard of sugar milk or syrup sandwiches.
    Next time, I'll know to look it up first, for fear of shocking you with my stupidity.
    Game, set, match, Dooley!
    What an idiot I must be.
  10. Starman

    Starman Well-Known Member

    Most of the column as re Malone and Clemens, is right on.

    However, Jalen Rose playing the "ohh poor me, I never met my father" card, which he does constantly, is getting a little thick.

    For the last 10-12 years, he's been a multi-millionaire. If he really wanted to meet his father, all he had to do was buy a plane ticket and go do it.
  11. Stone Cane

    Stone Cane Member

    i've seen 5,000 threads on Jemele Hill and i've never seen a damn thing she's written that's anything special

    why the obsession on this message board for her work?
  12. Barsuk

    Barsuk Active Member

    You messed this up. It's supposed to be, "What a stupid I am." Duh. ;D
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