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InDesign Agate question

Discussion in 'Design Discussion' started by rmzeus, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. rmzeus

    rmzeus New Member

    I am trying to see if there is a setting where you can make changes in default tabs and make them permanent.

    In our baseball box score template that was created for us, I had to change the default tabs in order to make the line score fit accordingly to our galley box.

    The problem is any files that I bring in revert back to the original default tab settings.
  2. EStreetJoe

    EStreetJoe Well-Known Member

    By template do you mean script that codes the box score for you or are you referring to something else?
    Can you create/edit a script that will automate the process of changing the tabs for you?
  3. I'll never tell

    I'll never tell Active Member

    You can make, from scratch, style sheets to do anything you want it to in agate. I'm not working in InDesign anymore, but I'm sure I can kind of remember how to get you going in the right direction if that's what you're talking about.
  4. JRoyal

    JRoyal Well-Known Member

    If the only box scores in the current document are going to have the new tab settings, just select a line with those tabs set, right-click on the style in your Paragraph Styles pallet and select the option to redefine the style. Every box you bring in after that should have the tab settings you want.
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