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In-Depth Feature or Investigative Articles

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help available' started by SharpTusk, May 23, 2012.

  1. SharpTusk

    SharpTusk Member

    This post might be overly ambitious for a newbie, but, if nothing else, I'm interested in anyone's reaction. Maybe everyone wants to write or contribute to in-depth or investigative pieces if given the chance. I don't know, so forgive my lack of experience in that regard.

    My strengths are in gathering and distilling large amounts of information. I am competent in the games, stats, medicine, legal matters, economics, and financial matters in addition to being able to find obscure, reliable information on the web.

    Probably my best example of research is Have Those Around Auburn Ever Quit Paying Players?

    Here is the conclusion after detailing Auburn NCAA infractions and allegations from 1956 to the present which had numerous instances of money being funneled through assistant coaches:

    My conclusions are derived from what we know to be true or alternatively, what has been alleged to be true, but even with the Terry Bowden story around 2003, reaching the conclusion that an organization started sometime before NCAA enforcement smacks of theory, doesn't it? This will start to close the gap. When a topic is enough out in the open enough that someone will speak publicly about it, and an audience will listen, then people may be persuaded to act.

    Columbus, GA — Auburn alumni have no right to protest unless they want to make money available to make it interesting for some of the better players to wear Auburn uniforms, Auburn coach Carl Voyles told the Columbus quarterback club yesterday.

    “Auburn offers a scholarship, all expenses and a $10 per month for choice football talent just as the southeastern conference rules permit,” said Voyles. “But recently a fellow who wanted to enroll at Auburn very badly complained that he just couldn’t make a go of it for that money. He entered another school.”

    Referring to football players being paid to play, the Auburn coach said, “I don’t know how they do it. I wish I did. And I also wish some of the disgruntled alumni would get busy if that is what they want at Auburn.”

    Auburn Coach Says Alumni Can Kick In, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Sarasota, FL, October 14, 1947,p. 6, via Google News Archive.

    For an analysis example I would refer you to Kicking Around with SEC Close Game Leader or Critical Analysis of "Criminal Records in College Football".
  2. SharpTusk

    SharpTusk Member

    "The Razorbacks" Came Before Bezdek began to re-write Arkansas Razorback mascot history this past week. We had 30 minute guest segment on the Ched "Ugly Uncle" Carpenter Show statewide and statewide television coverage though Arkansas Sports Nation.
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