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I'll be damned

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by PalmettoStatesport, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. The whipped cream girl from Varsity Blues got engaged. Damnit
  2. Norman Stansfield

    Norman Stansfield Active Member

    To a reporter?
  3. mike311gd

    mike311gd Active Member

    Are we writing a column about it?
  4. Is she hiring?
  5. SockPuppet

    SockPuppet Active Member

    I'll be damned but ... TTIUWP.
  6. Jeremy Goodwin

    Jeremy Goodwin Active Member

    Little known fact:
    PalmettoStatesport is in charge of the wedding and other social announcements at his / her paper.
  7. mike311gd

    mike311gd Active Member

    Why don't you get back to the control room, Mr. Goodwin.
  8. Jeremy Goodwin

    Jeremy Goodwin Active Member

    Show's not for a few hours. I think Casey and Dan have a copy of Varsity Blues in their office though... :eek:
  9. mike311gd

    mike311gd Active Member

    Just try not to break up with Natalie -- and make the biggest mistake of your life -- on your way there.
  10. Jeremy Goodwin

    Jeremy Goodwin Active Member

    Breaking up with her allowed me to meet the pornstar.

    Oh, and a scene that caused this thread, still not sure why it's in J topics, though:
  11. mike311gd

    mike311gd Active Member

    I'm sure Palmetto just made a mistake. You know, like dumping your sweet girlfriend who's been nothing but nice to you to go out with some floozy. ... So what if she looks good in the rain, Jeremy. Natalie doesn't deserve that pain.
  12. John

    John Well-Known Member

    I don't wont yuuur liiife.
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