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Iggles Offseason Drama: Momma McNabb and Reid's Sons

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by RokSki, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. RokSki

    RokSki New Member

    Andy Reid's two sons were involved in separate incidents on Tuesday 1.30.06 which could land them in legal jeopardy and which will undoubtedly bring unwanted attention to their father:

    (see the 1.31.07, 10:47pm entry)

    Reid's house, additionally, was apparently searched by police looking for additional weapons belonging to a son or sons, subsequent to their two Tuesday run-ins.

    In other news, Momma "Hanger-On" McNabb explained her 'bitter sweet' blogging which has brought more scrutiny on her son:


    Here's a "money quote" section:

    "What I said in my blog was from my heart, it was my thoughts," she said. "What bothered me the most was that it got the attention it got. I really didn't think anybody was readin' it ... I just got my own Web site [MamaMcNabb.com] and I was doing something on Donovan's to get it going... That's the thing, the attention that it got."

    Let's see here, Momma M. You intentionally bring up your famous son in the hope of attracting more attention to your fledgling website, but then you are "surprised" by the notoriety your comments got? I mean, YOU mentioned your son because YOU wanted to get more attention for YOUR new site.

    Not Momma M's finest hour. Nor is her staying on at the end of her "Daily News Live" appearance (mentioned in the article) just to hear what was being said about her. Certainly there's nothing wrong with her doing that, but please spare the media and the public the line that aren't keenly aware of the ramifications of your actions, blogs and comments. This is not a woman seeking a low profile or one who isn't interested in people's opinions of her and here son.

    Momma, spare the disingenuousness. You - and your son - will fare better.

    These are the days of the Iggles' lives. :)
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