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Hygiene questions -- shaving and showering (with a poll)

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by The Big Ragu, Jan 17, 2007.


Do you shave before or after you shower?

  1. Before

  2. After

  3. During

  4. Never shave (just like the Grizzly Adams look)

  1. The Big Ragu

    The Big Ragu Moderator Staff Member

    I figure every ridiculous, mundane slice of life thing gets discussed on here, so why not this...

    I shave in the morning before I shower. I think I am in the minority. I got into a weird discussion about it with a guy at the gym this morning. But now I am curious. Do most of the men here shave before they shower, after they shower, or in the shower? Women can answer too, I guess, and not just the ones with bigger mustaches over their mouths than their dads.

    Second question (but no poll) has to do with showering. I have a girlfriend who showers at least twice a day--in the morning and at night before bed. She won't get into bed without showering first.

    I just shower in the morning. I wash up at night (and exfoliate; yeah, I know it sounds queer, but it keeps my skin from getting blotchy) and brush my teeth, but no shower. The thing is, my girlfriend won't let me anywhere near her bed unless I shower first and she acts like I am the biggest pig on earth because I wouldn't shower before bed without her making me do it first. We've had arguments about it, and now mostly good-natured ribbing about this. At one point she contended that I am in the minority--that most people shower at night, even people who shower just once a day. I refuse to believe that. So when do most of the people here shower?
  2. Herbert Anchovy

    Herbert Anchovy Active Member

    Shave in the shower. I take a leak there, too.
  3. fmrsped

    fmrsped Active Member

    Is the girlfriend that Danish chick?

    I shave before a shower, but I use an electric, which is hard -- actually, damn near impossible -- to use if your skin is all wet.

    I think we need JDV to chime in here before we can decide which is best.
  4. EStreetJoe

    EStreetJoe Well-Known Member

    Shave after I shower.

    Shower in the morning, unless I'm going to the gym, then I'll shower when I get home from the gym in the early afternoon before going into work.
  5. Webster

    Webster Well-Known Member

    Before the shower. The people that I rent from left a no fog mirror in the shower, and I tried it there, but it I didn't like it. On the rare times that I work out at my gym before work, I'll shave after a steam, but before the shower.

    As to shower frequency, in the morning and after workouts, but not before bed.
  6. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    Never shave.

    sc will now proceed to hit on me.
  7. Songbird

    Songbird Well-Known Member

    This thread will turn funny, very funny, at some point.

    I have a goatee and electric shave the sides every week or so. Here in New England, the Grizzly look is common. In the past, when I shaved my face, I'd do it after the shower so the hot water and steam could moisten my skin and make blading it easier.

    As for the shower before bed ... I think your GF has the issue. I don't shower before bed. I know very few people, men or women, who shower before bed unless activity during the day necessitated washing off the stink. For me it's brush teeth and bed. I work out in the later hours of the day and take a shower afterward, but I don't qualify that as taking a shower before bed just for shower-before-bed's sake.

    Ragu, tell the lovergirl to deal with it.
  8. Platyrhynchos

    Platyrhynchos Active Member

    Blue collar job = shower before bed.

    White collar job = shower in the morning.
  9. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    Ragu --

    you can always ditch the girl and jerk off in the shower at night...
  10. Del_B_Vista

    Del_B_Vista Active Member

    ELAINE: George...but if I ask him now, I will have no chance of going out with him.

    GEORGE: Why?

    ELAINE: I...I don't know...

    GEORGE: Aha. Aha. Could it be because you don't want him to know that you have a friend who pees in the shower, is that it?!

    ELAINE: No, that's not it!

    GEORGE: Oh, I think it is! I think that's exactly what it is!

    ELAINE: Why couldn't you just wait?

    GEORGE: I was there! I saw a drain!

    ELAINE: Since when is a drain a toilet?!

    GEORGE: It's all pipes! What's the difference?!

    ELAINE: Different pipes go to different places! You're gonna mix 'em up!

    GEORGE: I'll call a plumber right now! <Goes for the phone.>

    JERRY: Alright, can we just drop all the pee-pipe stuff here?
  11. Webster

    Webster Well-Known Member

    Jason Alexander's delivery on "it's all pipes" is awesome.
  12. Songbird

    Songbird Well-Known Member

    The pee'ing in the shower thing ...

    15 years ago at a summer camp in Malibu, a bunch of us counselors on night watch congregated under the stars and started talking about life. Convo turns to pee'ing in the shower. I start off by saying I pee in the shower; just one of those things I've always done. Aim for the drain and fire away. Everyone guffaws at me like I admitted to beating off and seeding into the Bible. I tell them to deal with it. Then a really cute girl who also goes to my school, really a cutie pie, tells the others to pipe down because she pees in the shower, too. The conviction in her tone was fantastic. Part of me fell in love with her that night. Oh, Sarice, where are you now?
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