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Huskers Illustrated editor/GM

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Mark2010, May 29, 2012.

  1. Mark2010

    Mark2010 Active Member

    Huskers Illustrated, an independent publication covering University of Nebraska athletics, is looking for a general manger/editor for this home office-based position. It currently publishes 19 times per year with a weekly frequency during football season, but less frequently during the remainder of the year. An annual football yearbook is published in early summer. The website, huskersillustrated.com, is a joint effort with 247Sports and is a critical component of the publication.

    The ideal candidate will be an entrepreneurial, results-oriented college sports enthusiast. This person must have news experience, and must understand and meet the needs of readers/fans. Additionally, the ideal candidate will have a strong interest in improving operating results, with the willingness and ability to participate in promotions, advertising sales, subscriber growth campaigns, etc.


    Editorial experience – applicant must have an ability to organize, paginate, edit and produce a publication on short deadlines and long hours
    Demonstrated ability to deliver business results
    An ability to operate a provided Apple computer with associated software, including Adobe Creative Suite 5, Acrobat, Word and Excel
    An entrepreneurial approach to business that capitalizes on convergence of print and online media
    A high level of interest in college sports at the University of Nebraska
    An ability to identify and capitalize on new opportunities
    Good organizational and interpersonal skills

    Meet financial goals
    Write stories/columns for the print product as well as the website
    Maintain active presence on website message boards and on radio/TV
    Develop good working relationships with the Nebraska athletic department, boosters and fan base
    Increase paid circulation
    Grow advertising
    Develop new revenue streams
    Interested persons should contact: Dan Sykes, Executive Vice President, Landmark Community Newspapers, LLC, P.O. Box 549, Shelbyville, KY 40066, or by email (preferred) at dsykes@lcni.com

    This could be a heck of a job for someone who loves the Huskers and has some business/sales background in addition to writing and editing.
  2. Mark2010

    Mark2010 Active Member

    Re: Univ. of Nebraska editor/GM

    In many respects, this could be a better job than newspapers.

    1) Work from home, set your own schedule

    2) Chart your own course in regard to content

    3) Benefit from increase in sales revenue

    4) Not be stuck on some little league game in the down time

    5) Not be constrained by university athletic department policies

    The way I would approach this would be to build my advertiser base during the slower months, because once football season arrives you will be so neck-deep in editorial that there won't be as much time to sell.
  3. mjschaefer

    mjschaefer New Member

    Re: Univ. of Nebraska editor/GM

    Should probably change the thread title to show Huskers Illustrated GM/Editor. The other is a little confusing.

    I work conjunction with this position. If anyone has any questions, I can try to help out the best I can.
  4. SoccerFan

    SoccerFan Member

    Re: Univ. of Nebraska editor/GM

    Definitely misleading thread post because there is a University of Nebraska Press.
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