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HPV: Not just causing cancer in women

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Inky_Wretch, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Inky_Wretch

    Inky_Wretch Well-Known Member

    ATLANTA (AP) — The sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer in women is poised to become one of the leading causes of oral cancer in men, according to a new study.
    The HPV virus now causes as many cancers of the upper throat as tobacco and alcohol, probably due both to an increase in oral sex and the decline in smoking, researchers say.

  2. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    We have a vaccine that prevents this disease.

    We don't use it because some people think Jeebus wouldn't approve.
  3. markvid

    markvid Guest

    See research, stem cell.
  4. sportschick

    sportschick Active Member

    Sadly, it was created too late for most of us on here. Most women who have had sex have had HPV. We get it from our wonderful and lovely gentlemen. It just doesn't generally give y'all symptoms.
  5. 2muchcoffeeman

    2muchcoffeeman Active Member

    IN the future, safe sex will involve a getup like this ...

  6. Flash

    Flash Guest

    Here, here.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, we're getting my daughter vaccinated for this as soon as she's old enough ... 12 or 13 I believe.
  8. sportschick

    sportschick Active Member

    That is awesome on your part.
  9. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    This is actually much, much worse.

    This vaccine could virtually wipe out a particularly deadly form of cancer.
  10. Flash

    Flash Guest

    Thank you. It's pretty damn scary when you're 23 and being told you have pre-cancerous cells on your cervix.
  11. We went through something similar with the wife ... irregular cells or something (abnormal?)... luckily the loop thingy (Leap?) worked out fine. We were at the dr.'s getting it done when the planes struck the WTC, if I'm not mistaken.

    I have a hard time remembering all the woman stuff - names, procedures, dates - exactly.
  12. imjustagirl2

    imjustagirl2 New Member

    Been there, done that. Only I was like 28. Still scary as shit. And that procedure hurts like hell.
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