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How would Horatio have handled it?

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by markvid, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. markvid

    markvid Guest

    Had he been first on the scene at Anna Nicole Smith's hotel...

    "She was set to check out tomorrow....
    ...but it looks like an early check-out was in her plans."

  2. Trouser_Buddah

    Trouser_Buddah Active Member

    Re: How would have Horatio handled it?

    "Hey H, I found a couple bottles of Trimspa...they're pills used to lose weight."

    "Well Eric, (sunglasses), she lost much more than that today..."

  3. Leo Mazzone

    Leo Mazzone Member

    Re: How would have Horatio handled it?

    Always a sucker for these threads.

    "Markvid, This thread title is in dire need of a transposition."

  4. markvid

    markvid Guest

    Leo threw me a curve...
    So I fixed the title by sliding it around...

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