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How stupid does this @#$@#$@#$ think I am?

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by beefncheddar, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. three_bags_full

    three_bags_full Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the laugh, Del.
  2. beefncheddar

    beefncheddar Guest

    The latest:

    Got another e-mail from someone trying the same scam. Now I'm angry. So I sent him an e-mail back saying I accept his offer of $320 for my item I was only asking $200 for.

    He sends me this:

    Just to let you know that ur full name and address u gave me for the payment
    has been forwarded to usps for them to commence with the payment..get back to
    me with the weight of the package once you receive my payment notification from
    usps which says that my money has been approved..
  3. beefncheddar

    beefncheddar Guest

    Then, I get this e-mail:

    Dear mustardbased,
    Congratulations! The order placed Cindy Kamen for you to have a United States Postal Service branded Money OrderSM $320.00 (USD) successfully processed and has consequently been APPROVED. The financial details of the transaction are stated below:
    (NOTE: All amounts are in US$)
    Account Number: 10098277
    Receipt Number 3949844
    Auction Site Craigslist
    Auction Item: PS2: Gently Used, With all wires and Many Games
    Total Amount Sent:$320.00
    Latest Date Of Delivery In 3 - 5 Working Days Time
    Order Number:35546565

    Address Verification
    USPS HomepageSender's Information:
    Name Cindy Kamen
    Street address # 30 Church Street
    City, State , Zip Code Ipaja, LS,23401.
    Country NG,USA.
    Phone Number Not Included
    Email cindykamen@graffiti.net

    USPS Homepage Reciever's Information:
    Name The name I gave the guy (not my real name)
    Street address The fake address I gave him
    City, State , Zip Code Charleston, SC, 29403
    Country USA
    Phone Number Not/Included
    Email xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Business Customer Support
    If there is an error in the name or address or you want to ask any qusetion, Please feel free to give us a mail at our business customer support at :

    Options for Receiving Business Mail

    The order has been APPROVED, you CAN NOW ship the merchandise to the buyer's shipping address. You are expected to make the shipment within 48 hours of recieving this Payment Confirmation Notification and get to our Customer/Technical Dept. with the tracking number for Shipment Verification.
    The Money OrderSM will NOT be dispatched or get to your resident until the shipment has been verified. This measure is taken in order to protect both seller and buyer interests and to reduce the occurrence of fraudulent activities.
    Due to the fact that United States Postal Service processes thousands of orders daily, United States Postal Service RECOMMENDS contacting the Customer Support Representative that has been assigned to this particular Order directly.
    Money Order Security Features
    Things to check for to ensure a Money Order is authentic.
    Postal Money Orders are safe to use because they have many security features that help distinguish between real and counterfeit notes. Just like our own U.S. currency, they are specially designed with different colored inks, watermarks, and security thread in the paper.
    Hold the money order up to the light and look for the following security features:
    Ben Franklin images (watermarks) repeated on the left side (top to bottom).

    A dark security thread running (top to bottom) to the right of the Franklin watermark, with the tiny letters “USPS” facing backward and forward
    We required a proper verification for shipment, before mailing the reference number slip of money order.
    Priority Mail envelope
    Global Express Mail

    Thank you for using United States Postal Money Order Payments copyright®. We look forward to serving your online auction payment needs in the future.

    United States Postal Money Order Payments copyright®
  4. beefncheddar

    beefncheddar Guest

    Now, what should I send him as the weight? It's gotta be big (because I think he'll have to pay for the FedEx), but not so big that he becomes suspicious.

    I'm thinking 20 or 25 pounds and then load that box full of bricks.

    Any ideas?
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