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How much would you bid for Jessica Biel?

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by spnited, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. spnited

    spnited Active Member

    This guy gets a lunch date for $30K:

    DENVER(AP) A date with Esquire's "The Sexiest Woman Alive" and "7th Heaven" star Jessica Biel raised $30,000 to help a teenager who lost her leg in a prom night limousine accident.

    Denver media reported the winning bid Tuesday came from a man identified only as John. In all the event dubbed "Mollypalooza" raised $38,000 help Molly Bloom's family with medical expenses, organizers told the television stations and the Rocky Mountain News.

    Bloom lost a leg and part of her pelvis in the May 13 accident and was undergoing rehabilitation at a Denver hospital.

    "(Biel) has this opportunity to create a buzz that would provide some support and she's more than happy to do that," Jonathan Biel, Biel's father told KMGH-TV. He said it was his daughter's idea to hold the auction for a lunch date.

    The young man in a dark, striped suit, with close-cropped hair who was wearing a white tie outbid another young man's bid of $23,500, the Rocky Mountain News reported.

    "I'm a senior vice president for an oil and gas company in Denver," the News quoted him as saying after he was brought up to the stage.

    Biel, a Boulder native who was on location in Italy, wasn't at the fundraiser Tuesday, but taped an audio message where she said: "I promise, I'm a cheap date." The lunch date will happen Aug. 18 when Biel is in town to receive a humanitarian award, organizers told the stations.

    Organizer contact Jeanne Lee did not immediately return phone or e-mail messages left by The Associated Press.

    Bloom was run over and dragged about 38 feet by a Hummer stretch limousine, police said. Limousine driver Stanley D. Sample, 38, faces a misdemeanor charge of careless driving resulting in serious bodily injury.


    On the Net:

    Biel's audio message: http://www.dosomethingthatmatters.com
  2. Nice story.
    This thread, on the other hand, is headed nowhere good.
  3. TheSportsPredictor

    TheSportsPredictor Well-Known Member

    "I'm a senior vice president for an oil and gas company in Denver," the News quoted him as saying after he was brought up to the stage.
  4. Flying Headbutt

    Flying Headbutt Moderator Staff Member

    Okay, so maybe I can't compete financially. But I'd so make it worth her while. And I'd give up a kidney. Just rip it right outta me!
  5. Overrated

    Overrated Guest

    I nailed a chick that kind of looked like Jessica Alba a couple years ago.
  6. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member

    Kind of?
  7. Flying Headbutt

    Flying Headbutt Moderator Staff Member

    They both had brown hair, ya see.
  8. dreunc1542

    dreunc1542 Active Member

    This claim is useless without pictures and a signed affidavit from the participatory party.
  9. Overrated

    Overrated Guest

    Yeah. Like an uglier version.
  10. Armchair_QB

    Armchair_QB Well-Known Member

    And what's this got to do with Jessica Biel.
  11. Overrated

    Overrated Guest

    The name Jessica. Plus, I think it really needed to be said.
  12. Armchair_QB

    Armchair_QB Well-Known Member

    Not that you're bragging or anything.
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