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Honest question about unions

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by hungryhungryhippo, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. I realize talk about unions can get pretty heated, so let's try to keep this civil. The one thing I've always wondered is when management tries to bust unions, the unions often cite freedom of assembly as their legal protection to organize workers (as well it should, by the way). What I can't seem to get is that many states don't have right to work laws and if you want to work for Company A, you have to join the union. But isn't that restricting the right to assemble in a particular group? It seems the same standard should be applied both ways -- unions have every right to exist and work for better wages and conditions for the workers, but those same workers should reserve the right to not join.
  2. Matt Foley

    Matt Foley Member

    I would just let sleeping dogs lie, lest you want to end up like this guy

  3. D.Sanchez

    D.Sanchez Member

    My first job was as a stockboy at a local union supermarket while in high school. I was forced to pay $20 a month in union dues despite only working 10 to 20 hours a week. Working at minimum wage that really cut into my paycheck. The kicker was that as part of the union contract, any worker under 18 started at minimum wage while those over 18 started several dollars higher. Those over 18 also received higher and quicker raises. How that was legal I'll never understand.
  4. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    Maybe because those 18 and over can vote and those under 18 can't?
  5. Pastor

    Pastor Active Member

    Sanchez, I had a rather similar experience when I worked in a supermarket in high school. It is just how it is.

    HHH, the issue that you are sort of missing is that the wages you start at and the bargaining that went on for you to obtain benefits was all performed by the union. Had the union not existed in the work environment, statistics show, you would have little to no representation when it comes to negotiations. With this, your salary would be lower than your current salary minus union dues and you wouldn't have the health insurance or any other benefits.

    So, while it seems all well and good to opt out, just think about trying to negotiate, on your own, for the extra things you need.
  6. I'm not bashing the existence or performance of unions, but I'm wondering if there's a legitimate argument to oppose right to work laws. It doesn't seem American that, in some places, you are forced to join a union (and have no right to opt-out) if you want to work at a certain business.
  7. Matt Foley

    Matt Foley Member

    Uh-OHHHHHHHH, thats commie talk right there

  8. shotglass

    shotglass Guest

    It seems to be working well for us thus far.
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