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Hockey dads at their finest......

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by JR, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Huggy sent me this story....thought it was worth posting


    A team of Bantam kids (thirteen and fourteen year olds) from Coburg, ON (an hour or so east of Toronto), go to a hockey tournament in Niagara Falls, New York. Fathers get drunk in a Holiday Inn, cops are called, hockey dads attack police. The three arrested included the coach and the assistant coach.

    Early Saturday, the head coach, assistant coach and a hockey dad with the Cobourg Minor Hockey League's bantam team were arrested at a Holiday Inn in Grand Island, N.Y., after deputies with the Erie County sheriff's department encountered what they described as a “bar full of belligerent, obnoxious, intoxicated Ontario men visiting the hotel while in the area for a kids' hockey tournament.”

    Drunken hockey dads from Coburg? Unpossible!!

    Maybe New York can keep these guys.

    The past weekend hasn't been a good one for minor hockey in Toronto and area

    The Toronto Star is running a series of articles on racism in hockey, parent and player attacks on refs and the problem of concussions with ten year old players
  2. Beef03

    Beef03 Active Member

    My second year of bantam hockey -- this was when bantam was still a 14-15 year old level in Alberta -- my team actually qualified for provincials. Coaches started drinking as the bus pulled out at 9 am on Thursday, didn't stop until we got back Monday. Many, not all, of the parents were in a similar condition. No arrests though.

    The worst hockey parent I ever had to endure was our goalie's dad in second year peewee. After he let in his second or third goal of the game his dad would get on him from the stands and goalie would break down and cry in net. This didn't happen just once, this happened every single game. And of course once the goalie started crying he was useless for the rest of the game. Finished the season with a 10.01 G.A.A. Gotta give the kid credit though he never quit, played right through minor hockey and then continued with competitive rec hockey in college.
  3. 93Devil

    93Devil Well-Known Member

    I thought this was America...

    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 15, 2014
  4. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    There's no crying in hockey!!

    Funny story about my eldest kid who was also a goalie,

    He started playing in Novice (8 year olds).

    Being the helpful dad and a really crappy former goalie, I'd be down at his end every period yelling the normal, "Keep your stick on the ice!! Stand up!!! Watch your angles!!".

    About halfway through the second period n about the third game of the season the kid looked up at me during a stoppage in play and yelled, "Go down to the other end of the rink, dad".

    Never said anything again for the next eight years he played.

    I don't shout instructions to him during Eskimos games either. :)
  5. Beef03

    Beef03 Active Member

    There is a line between supportive and complete douchebaggery that some parents completely ignore.

    My dad fell into the category of nonsupport when it came to my hockey playing career, such that it was. Hardly came to a game until my final year, hell I worked summers from between grade 8 and 9 and on to pay for hockey. My mom came when she could but quite often I was searching for rides to away games.
  6. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    When I was kid, my dad was always nervous but knew better than to yell at me, so he yelled at the officials instead.

    Now, he still goes to the games, even though he hasn't had a kid playing in years. And at the home tournament every year, he buys soda and fruit and doughnuts and stuff and keeps it stocked in the refs room. Doing his penance.
  7. Bob Cook

    Bob Cook Active Member

    This reminds me of one of the funnier cameos in Canadian television history -- Phil Esposito, as celebrity ambassador for a youth hockey tournament in CBC's "The Tournament," hanging out in the hotel bar with the parents and coaches. Espo gets into a screaming match with one dad, who baits him after Espo refuses to promise to scout the dad's hotshot son. And then Espo tries to pick up a mom who is the daughter of a former hockey groupie, though the daughter didn't know that until such time as Espo tried to pick her up.
  8. derwood

    derwood Active Member

    Is it available on youtube?
  9. Bob Cook

    Bob Cook Active Member

    Just on DVD. I believe the CBC pulled down YouTube clips people had posted. It's worth buying for the season 1 disc. The Season 2 disc should go straight into the garbage.
  10. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    The Tournament was one of the funniest shows CBC ever did--and that includes Little Mosque on the Prairie. It captured the insanity of some hockey parents in this country.
  11. mustangj17

    mustangj17 Active Member

    I argued with my dad A LOT when he tried to give me baseball instruction.

    He was always on my case for not keeping my elbow up, not following through with the swing and most notably, not following through with both hands.

    I remember telling my dad that I didn't have to follow through with both hands because Ken Griffey Jr. didn't. My dad told me when I was as good as Ken Griffey I could start swinging like him. Needless to say, I still follow through with both hands.
  12. Huggy

    Huggy Well-Known Member

    Huggy Jr. has grown up around hockey but doesn't play other than goofing around in the basement. Several kids on his baseball team play and he was interested in going out to watch them this season when we could make the time.

    Two of the kids play on a low rep level and we went to see them a few weeks back. The team is lousy, and one of the kid's dad coaches them. He picked up an unsportsmanlike call a couple of minutes in for bitching out the ref on an offside call (it was horseshit, the play was nowhere close to being offside).

    The other kid had just come back from a suspension for telling a ref to "fuck off" (these are nine-year-olds). His parents were great during the baseball season. Mom was part of the cheering section with the other moms, dad was content to walk around with a beer in a travel mug. At a hockey game, mom turned into a raging shrieking lunatic and the old man wasn't far behind. Huggy Jr. could not believe what he was seeing. That what this game does to normal, usually rational people up here.
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