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Goal.com USA Chiefeditor

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by MichaelGoal, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. MichaelGoal

    MichaelGoal New Member

    Goal.com is searching for a chief editor for its USA edition of the website www.goal.com.

    Candidate must have background and experience in journalism, new media, team management, and also possess immense expert knowledge of the world's most popular sport.

    Fluent English and basic Spanish are a must. Contacts within the USA football and media industries are highly preferential.

    Please send your CV and reasons why you believe you are the right person for this job to info@goal.com

    Goal.com is the world's biggest football website and amongst the 15 biggest sports sites in the world. We are now ... looking forward to finding the right person that will establish Goal.com USA as the most popular soccer site in America.

    The Goal.com HR Staff
  2. sully84

    sully84 New Member

    Never been to your site before. Not bad.

    Where is your US office? Or did I miss that somewhere on the ad? I assume you're not looking for somebody to do this from their home.
  3. MichaelGoal

    MichaelGoal New Member

    its actually a home-office position, with some check-ins to the office that's based in NYC.
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