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Glenwood Springs PI sports reporter

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by effinyorks, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. effinyorks

    effinyorks New Member

    Sports reporter wanted at the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, a 7-day 12,000 circulation newspaper located in the mountains on Colorado’s Western Slope.
    This is a great opportunity to cover a variety of sports with a heavy emphasis on high school sports reporting.
    The ideal candidate will be a detail-orientated reporter who's passionate about storytelling.
    Benefits include medical and dental, 401(k), recreation bonus, training opportunities and advancement possibilities. Region full of recreation opportunities.
    Send cover letter, resume and clips to dshrull@postindependent.com

    Beautiful area. High cost of living. Message me with questions...
  2. outdoors

    outdoors Member

    It is a very nice area and you are also pretty much out by yourself in Glenwood. Rifle is nearby to the west, but Rifle isn't really much of anything last time I went through it a few years ago. Grand Junction is a relatively short drive of about an hour and a half. Denver is a good three hours away, but I-70 can be a real disaster in the winter. If you like skiing, this would be the spot. i believe there are six around the area, with Aspen 45 miles away and Vail 60. Sunlight Mountain is a pretty good resort that is the closest to Glenwood. Glenwood Springs High is a 3A school, highest is 5A in CO, had a good football team last year that went undefeated into the state playoffs, but lost in the first round in OT. Roaring Fork could also be in the coverage area down in Carbondale roughly 12 miles away; RF is a pretty good 2A school. PM me with questions
  3. effinyorks

    effinyorks New Member

    FYI — The PI covers six high schools — Glenwood, Rifle, Roaring Fork (Carbondale), Coal Ridge (New Castle/Silt), Grand Valley (Parachute) and Colorado Rocky Mountain School (a small boarding school in Carbondale that excels at outdoors sports like skiing and kayaking).

    Glenwood and Rifle are both 3A in football and 4A in all other sports, CR, GV and RF are 2A in football and 3A in other sports.

    As far as non-football success in the area, GV won state in wrestling this past winter when they were still 2A and won a boys basketball title in 2007.
  4. thebigd

    thebigd Member

    I've lived in Lake Tahoe before and that gets plenty of snow. Are we talking chains mandatory all the time? If you are married what are trhe job prospects like in Glenwood Springs?
  5. outdoors

    outdoors Member

    Glenwood usually gets around 20 feet of snow annually. April through about September are about the best months, as it is warm and very pretty around the area without the snow problems (as much). Going south toward Aspen is a drag in the winter, as the road is usually really tough to drive or the traffic is out of control. If you live in Glenwood or around like Rifle, traffic and driving isn't too bad. They also have a bus transit that was pretty effective the times I have been around the area. Don't know much about job prospects, but I know the hospital is a big employer in the area.
  6. effinyorks

    effinyorks New Member

    Oil and gas is big, particularly west of GS on I-70. Lots of jobs revolve around the tourism industry. Yikes, I don't know beyond that...
  7. Stitch

    Stitch Active Member

    Chains required just for semis.
  8. a_rosenthal

    a_rosenthal Guest

    Really expensive to live here. Be prepared to put most of your check toward rent here.
  9. MileHigh

    MileHigh Moderator Staff Member

    Lots of growth out there, too, with gas drilling. Gorgeous area.
  10. deskslave

    deskslave Active Member

    If you can find a place at all. Latest vacancy rate is 1.4 percent. No one builds new complexes in that area because they're all afraid of another bust.
  11. a_rosenthal

    a_rosenthal Guest

    I have a friend who was paying around a grand a month just to rent a room in a house... Said many places make you have first month's rent, last month's rent plus a security deposit, which can sometimes surpass $3,000, just to move in...
  12. outdoors

    outdoors Member

    I have had several friends/family that average 4+ people living in the same house around Glenwood, and they are still paying around $800 per person, not including any utilities. Plus, these houses aren't that great, you have to take what you can get up that way, and especially before the ski season begins...
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