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General coordinator, The Indypendent, New York City

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by playthrough, May 12, 2009.

  1. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    Not a sports gig, and release the hounds on pay, but here's an NYC opening for those of you hunting in the area...


    The Indypendent is pleased to announce that we are hiring a second General Coordinator to help facilitate the day-to-day work of New York City's premier independent newspaper.

    Position: General Coordinator

    Salary: $1,100 monthly stipend (35 hours per week). Paid vacation and holidays, but no healthcare benefits.

    Location: New York City (Midtown Manhattan)

    The Indypendent (www.indypendent.org) is a New York City-based free newspaper published every three weeks with a print and online readership of more than 100,000. The newspaper is a labor of love produced by a network of volunteers who do most of the reporting, writing, photography, illustration, editing, designing, distribution, fundraising and website management. Since The Indypendent was founded in 2000, more than 650 journalists, artists and media activists have contributed their energy to this project. Winner of dozens of awards for investigative reporting, writing, photography and design, The Indypendent is dedicated to empowering people to create a true independent media, free from the control of any corporation, advertiser or political party. The Indypendent is funded by subscriptions, donations, grants, merchandise sales, benefits and advertising from organizations with similar missions. The newspaper looks at news and culture through a critical lens, exploring how systems of power — economic, political and social — affect the lives of ordinary people on a local, national and global level. The Indypendent is a project of the New York City Independent Media Center, which is affiliated with the global Indymedia movement (indymedia.org), an international network of independent journalists dedicated to fostering grassroots media production.

    This position offers an incredible opportunity to work with and learn from a dynamic network of both established and up-and-coming journalists. Dozens of Indypendent volunteers and contributors have gone on to work for media organizations across the country and world.

    General Coordinators are responsible for administrative duties; local, national and international news coordination; and volunteer coordination to facilitate the production, distribution and outreach necessary to produce the newspaper. General Coordinators are encouraged to do their own news reporting and writing when time permits. The General Coordinators work primarily with Indypendent collective members in an editorial collective that uses consensus-based decision making. General Coordinators are dedicated to The Indypendent's mission to produce a high-quality newspaper while providing opportunities for journalism training and mentoring to volunteers.

    General Coordinators are responsible for a variety of administrative and editorial tasks including:

    • Developing local, national and international news articles by working with Indypendent volunteer reporters and contributors
    • Coordinating volunteers and interns to help with administrative, editorial, distribution and outreach-related tasks
    • Developing daily web news and editorial content in various mediums
    • Office management
    • Participating in fundraising tasks including advertising sales, organizing benefits and donor development and outreach
    • Coordinating New York City distribution and community outreach
    • Helping organize and run The Indypendent's "Journalism 101" workshop
    Additional Qualifications:

    General Coordinators are expected to have the following qualifications:

    • Commitment to and passion for The Indypendent's mission and goals and journalistic integrity and ethics
    • Reporting skills, including writing hard news, editorials and features and developing stories, excellent research skills, fact checking, etc.
    • Must be professional, extremely organized and detail oriented
    • News editing experience
    • Excellent computer skills (Experience with Adobe InDesign CS2 a plus)
    • Experience and knowledge of new media, social networking and creating news web content. Video and web coding skills are a big plus
    • Experience working within a collective using consensus-based decision making
    • Excellent verbal communication, interpersonal and relationship-building skills, ability to work effectively with a variety of people and personalities
    • Must be committed to personal health, happiness and balancing emotional/physical/spiritual well-being
    How to Apply:

    Please email a cover letter, resume and three news writing clips to:
    Jessica Lee, The Indypendent General Coordinator

    Last day to apply: May 29, 5pm
    Please email Jessica Lee with questions. The Indypendent will contact applicants for interview by June 8. Please no phone calls.
  2. Stitch

    Stitch Active Member

    Sells ads, report, and you'll get to have time to beg for the rest of the money you need to survive on in NYC.
  3. seravaf

    seravaf New Member

    According to my math (yes, I am a writer) -- that comes out to $7.57/hour.


    If it had benefits, maybe that would be a little bit of a different story. But for New York? You will spend 2 hours pay just to get lunch at Chipotle. Yikes.
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